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ProBlogger extraordinaire Darren Rowse is off on holiday and asked a few boggy pals to drop a post or two. I'm honored to join Rachel Cunliffe, Aaron Brazell, Brian Hunt, and bloggy pals Wayne Hurlbert and Peter Flaschner.

I wrote a post that I called RSS: Blog's Friend or Foe?  This was not a post against RSS but rather ... if people are reading you in an RSS feed can you or how can you build community, if you have ads - make some $ or encourage readers to convert e.g., email, sales, etc. And I offered a few ideas on how to encourage click throughs from an RSS feed.

1. enjoyable on-blog experience: look and feel, navigation, layout
2. providing information that can only be obtained by clicking through to your blog: podcasts, articles, photos. videos, terrific blogroll, archive links.
3. including cues in your posts that talk about value-added content on your blog: new podcasts tells how to go beyond ProBlogger status to zillionaire!

Darren's readers are great and let loose interesting comments. Some folks agreed with my take and some did not. Had a few great off-blog conversations with Tom Sherman, Robert Bruce and Clyde Smith.
Sidebar: Tom knows bloggy pal Matt Holmann. RobertWine_corks is an amazing poet. Clyde writes about hip hop. Talk about a late night networking party!



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Hey there Toby, that is some nice blog sitting you are doing there! My opinion is that RSS is a blogs best friend. What other channel works so swiftly to push out your thoughts, your ideas, your links, your offers, your messages for the world to see? (and gets past spam filters) Having an enticing blog post title, like Bloggy Networking, is also a good way to help facilitate a click through :-)

Posted by: Hershel Reese on Apr 7, 2006 12:16:08 PM

It was a great entry! :)

Posted by: Aaron Brazell on Apr 12, 2006 3:22:42 PM

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