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Back in the olden days (say 39.278 seconds ago) of business/marketing blogs the chant of those who drank the Kool-Aid was content, content, content. More is better and more than more is better than that! A blog that isn't updated frequently - say three times a week - was thought of as dusty and musty (achoo!). How often to post is one of the FAQs  when I speak with new bloggers.

Blog buddy, Scott Burkett, Pothole on the Infobahn, told me about an Atlanta biz blog, Known Identity, that updates infrequently which led to an interesting chat. With Scotts okay here's our conversation about posting frequency and readers' expectations. 

Diva: Do you think the blog is "resting" or "resting in peace" since the last post was 3/28?

Scott: Given their tight niche, they probably don't have as "much to say", so I would imagine their posts are industry-event driven, rather than mouthpiece driven. I would expect some gaps here and there.
Sidebar: I think Scott just termed a new type of blog -> Mouthpiece Driven. Gotta love that one!

Diva: Which brings up another question..if content isn't updated frequently, does the it really matter if the content is perceived as valuable and one subscribes via RSS? Unless of course Google rankings and Search are part of your strategy.

Scott: I subscribe to some blogs that are updated perhaps once or twice a week (Charlene Li) while others are updated multiple times each day (Doc Searls). Some are updated once in a blue moon (Charlie Paparelli). The key to me is the value of the content, and the context of that content. I don't expect Charlie to write every day about angel investing, but I do expect Charlene Li to publish her mindshare more often.

Diva: So, does that mean your expectations are set by the blogger, the industry or both?

Scott: Both...if a blogger is a laggard in a fast-industry, they probably aren't worth tuning into. And vice-versa...

So how frequently should you post? The answer is ... It depends.(How's that for a marketer's response?) Seriously, it depends on how you've defined the goals and objectives of your blog strategy. If you're not concerned with search rankings once a month may be suffcient. If you want to be Diva of Google it might be several times a day. Of course, keep in mind the other part of the equation = quality of content. And as Scott says the speed of change in your industry.

Sorry Shel, the marketers are at it again..poking their fingers and morphing blogging. But here's a whispered secret ... you and I may agree more than you think (not about character blogs!) but about blogging changing marketing...although marketing is also changing blogging. [Naked Conversations Chapter Six Consultants Who Get It - page 94].

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This post is 200% accurate!

I created a monster for myself early on with my blog by posting at least once a day. My numbers grew and grew as my audience got more and more hungry for content. Content usually isn't the problem for me- it's the time now. With the blog helping to make the business far more successful, I have less time to post the normal amount of content I would like to. Believe me, I'd like to post more often, but running the business has taken over my time now (which isn't bad). Oddly, the number of visits has continued to climb, even with the less frequent posts. I think this is because the audience has grown and keeps growing and the regulars are willing to wait a little while- so long as the content is at least a little worth the wait. (Sorry if it hasn't been lately...)

During my recent travel to Australia to launch my brand there, I had intended to post more frequently, but I was just slammed with work. It was great to be so busy, but I missed posting... and yet the traffic stayed steady as people were apparently really interested in updates about the trip. Cool.

Yes- quality of content matters. Yes- Quantity of content matters. And yes- it all depends... clear as mud, I know.

Posted by: Tim Jackson- Masiguy on Apr 12, 2006 2:43:18 AM

Seth Godin n'a t-il pas écrit un livre intitulé 'free prize inside' et Stephen Brown 'Free gift inside'? Il faut parfois savoir se faire désirer. Et, si l'on a peur de ne plus coller à l'actualité, il n'est pas plus mal parfois de traiter d'un sujet après coût afin d'avoir le recul nécessaire pour l'analyser et étayer la question traitée. Pour ma part, je n'alimente pas mon blog aussi souvent que je le souhaiterai mais curieusement, moins je l'alimente, plus mes statistiques de fréquentation augmentent! L'essentiel demeure néanmoins d'être lu dans se flux de blogs et donc de se singulariser en écrivant moins mais mieux peut-être?

Posted by: Christelle on Apr 12, 2006 4:44:36 AM

I agreed with the "it depends" answer.

In my blog, I focus on key events and happenings within the marketing industry itself. As such, I may post two or three times a month or as events dictate or when something noteworthy tickles my fancy.

My readers' feedback indicates to me that they don't care how often I post blog entries as long as I provide personal analysis and useful information.

Posting to a blog frequently just for the sake of posting to a blog frequently might be the thing that kills blogs! Quality can't help but drop when "frequency" is king.

Posted by: Dave Dolak on Apr 28, 2006 4:53:45 PM

Agree. Quality has to reign if your goal is reader-focused. Do you think there is a minimum times per/month that one should post before readers loose interest?

Posted by: Toby on Apr 29, 2006 10:40:25 PM

I would say no less than 2 or 3 times per month for niche sites.


Posted by: Dave Dolak on Apr 30, 2006 9:15:53 PM

I think it is a niche thang. At one extreme we might have a daily news blog that is updated several times a day. At the other extreme a site for Christmas might be updated once a year. However a little SEO marketing know how does skewer matters does it not?

Posted by: Steve Harold on May 19, 2006 11:19:51 AM

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