All the world's a ...


First there was all the world's a publisher .. blogs.
Then it was all the world's a radio station ... podcasts.
Now YouTube proves it's all the world's a film or TV studio .. vlogs.

Checkout the in-depth post on Resonance Partnerships for all you ever wanted to know about YouTube. Marianne has written one of the best analysis pieces on the newest video .. dare we call it a channel?

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Yes, YouTube is going to be among the "next big thing" items. It is an easy system to use and the blogability is great. I was very happy to learn how easy it is to use- since I'm a dork with limited skills.

Now that it is getting more exposure, you can expect to see more and more amateur video popping up all over the place. A new video revolution is beginning to take place.

Posted by: Tim Jackson- Masiguy on Apr 25, 2006 12:41:33 PM

When you ask about "dare we call it a channel?", my response is that I think that not only can we, but it is already going beyond it.

To me it seems to be an understatement, rather than overstating the reality.

Once the stunt and babe stuff slows down and it gets into some high-quality offerings (which is already starting to happen), we will find that it will be larger and more visited than the networks.

Posted by: Gary Bourgeault ( on Apr 26, 2006 1:15:31 AM

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