eMail Marketing Tips


Top Ten Email Tips Complements of the Diva of Email Marketing ... Teresa Caro.

  1. Get relevant - It's what's in it for "me" not "you." Integrating traditional and intractive strategies can produce strong results.
  2. Deliverability and rendering - Is what you send what they see?
  3. Preview panes and blocking images - The importance of the "little window."
  4. First impressions are lasting impressions - Engage your audience immediately.
  5. Get on the permission train - Not everyone knows "buzz words." Talk in "people language" when you request "opt-in" permission.
  6. Metrics that matter - Focus on metrics that matter.
  7. Long-term subscribers - Develop strategies to that will help you interact with your readers.
  8. Maximize your traffic - Keep the conversation going.
  9. Test, test, test and improve - Throw out what doesn't work and capitalize on the strategies that produce results.
  10. Create a plan and align your resources - Collecting email address is sure fun but if you don't have a strategy in place to "talk" to your customers in a timely manner...they may forget they gave permission and forget about you!



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