Clever Avaya Podcasts


Still think podcasts are just for bebop music downloads? Innovation is the word to use for how Avaya is putting business podcasts to use. Here's the secret .. their strategies were simple but elegant and ones that are easy for Fortune 100s, small businesses or non profits to put into play.

Avaya turned published books - Dummies Audio seriesAvaya_podcast - into podcasts. Clever.

Think: What content do you have that can be spun into a podcast *that would be of value* to your customers and prospects?
Speeches, presentations, roundtable discussions.

Avaya turned customer testimonials/cases studies into podcasts. [This is my favorite.] Very clever. Listening to the people who used the product/service tell their stories brings a dimension that simply reading the cases can not.
Think: You can do that too!

One more clever thing...the page of podcasts links to information about podcasts including how to download the feed. So often with new technology too many people assume that everyone knows as much as their geek pals. Keep in mind the web 1.0 rule: build to the lowest common denominator.

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