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Blogwild_cover2 Andy Wibbels' new Blogwild packs a big punch in a small package. Andy sent me a pre pub copy and I think the size - about 7"x5" - is what will go on the shelves. Great for throwing into your briefcase and reading when you travel.

Blogwild is an easy, almost bullet point read, that hits the basics of blogging 101. The book is actually two books for the price of one. In the first section Andy goes from the who-what-where-why of business blogs to how to create and how to promote your work (Yes Divas, although fun in the sun, biz blogging is work..but that's a post for another day!).

The second part is a primer on how to use one of the most popular blogging platforms - TypePad. Sure TypePad has a help page and tech support, but truth be told, it's so much easier to read how to do it in one place. Blogwild helps simplify the process.

Through out the book there are short quick examples to illustrate the concepts and a bonus resource web page that provides great information.

Oh, who is this dude Andy Wibbels you may ask? One of the first guys in the blog space who helped hundereds of small businesses go BLOG WILD! And in the spirit of full disclosure and bloggy friendship and kindness - the first person to ask me to do a podcast on blogs.

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