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Goe_love_192x150Alright, I admit it...I'm a romantic at heart. And I love giving (and getting) presents. Today's Friday Fun is about creating a magical Valentine's Day for you and your special somebody.

A few years ago my nephew Scott visited me during his February vacation. He arrived on Valentine's Day and walked off the plane with the largest box of chocolates I've ever seen. Scott was only 14 but he got it. Divos, a word to the wise...the day of roses, chocolates and bling is days away...and counting down.

Altho I can't give you a heart box of candy, thanks to two wonderful clients, GourmetStation and Maggie Macnab, I do have some special Valentine's Day treats!

Dinner reservations on VD may be  difficult to make; even if you can get into the cool new place, in an over crowded restaurant, that anticipated romantic night may be impossible. How about a gourmet meal in the privacy of your home? Light a few candles, put on some romantic music, open a nice Cabernet and take all the time you need in between courses <wink>.

Can't cook? Never fear... I've got it covered for you! 
GourmetStation is offering  Diva Marketing readers $10 off any product.

My recommendation is the Valentine Romance Dinner complete with floating heart-shaped candle, Valentine poem and card. This special treat is available from today February 3rd through Valentine's Day February 14th. Use the code divava106.

If you're romanced challenged Delicious Destination's (GourmetStation's blog) is running a series of romantic tips through Valentine's Day.  

Visual elements can evoke as much emotion as words or food. Graphic designer, Maggie Macnab specializes in symbol and identify design. Maggie's created unique graphics for Valentine's Day dedicated to our favorite human endeavor: Love & Lust

And as Maggie says "For those of you who may be just slightly jaded on the whole relationship thing, there's also something for you entitled: My Pet is my Valentine.Puppylove_2_1 How frequently can we relate to the times when the four-footeds won out over the two-footeds?"
Sidebar: Note to self...must remember to get Max special VD doggy treats.

Maggie welcomes you to use her designs in creating your own Valentines. Right click on the image and highlight Save As as a gif or jpg.

Graphics complements of Maggie Macnab, SymbolMaker

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How many women aren't romantics at heart? :)

Posted by: TDavid on Feb 3, 2006 3:26:16 PM

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