WOMBAT: Day One Ends With A Laugh


Bob Mankoff, Cartoon Editor of the New Yorker's Cartoon Book, was the perfect ending to an intense day of back-to-back sessions. We kicked back a notch as Bob shared some classic New Yorker cartoons within the framework of how the Power of Humor can be used to foster customer loyalty.

Bob must be hangin' with his pal Renee from Edelman (oops Renee lost your card!)... he talks in great sound bites...or is that just a cartoonist's communication mode?

Bob Mankoff on Cartoons and Humor
(Perhaps a wee bit paraphrased)
Humor is where we are the most human
People ask me how many cartoons a day they should draw. I tell them do 10. 9 out of 10 things don't work out. With 10 you've got a shot.
Humor makes an emotional connection. -
Humor/cartoons are not just jokes, they're ideas.

Hugh...you may have some company if Bob decides to blog!

And on a high note, we headed off to the Disney Animal Kingdom for some much needed, and well deserved, food, beverages and more networking!

Sidebar: WOMMA had some great goodies in the cool blue backpack .. many of the speakers' books and Intuit Turbo Tax software...but alas! a copy of the Cartoon Book was not included.

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I welcome all company. Not enough pro cartoonists are blogging.

Thanks for the pointer =)



Posted by: hugh macleod on Jan 20, 2006 7:46:54 AM

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