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We knew it of course, but it's nice to have research validate that people are forming valuable relationships online. A fresh off the press Pew Internet report: The Strength of Internet Ties, which was a joint project with the University of Toronto sociologists, "shows that the internet helps cultivate social networks and put them into action at times when people need help on important matters in their lives."

When I have decisions to make, I frequently tap into a world wide network of great friends, some met thru online forums and blogs; I also conducting globs of website research. And I'm not alone. According to Pew about 60 million people acknowledged that the internet (including email) "played an important or crucial role in helping them deal with major life decisions."

Barry Wellman, University of Toronto, termed this "networked individualism." People are now less dependent on local groups and are "increasingly tied to looser and more geographically scattered networks."

This puts a whole new spin on the concept of interactive marketing. Let's look at "networked individualism" from the perspective of our marketing world, where a click of the mouse can now bring us customers come from all corners of the world.

Think about the layers of networking available to our customers to learn about our products or services. The top of the virtual onion might be reviews on and product websites where the reviewer is available via email to provide further information. The next peel down might be from message boards and blogs where over time trusted relationships are formed. The next layer might be email exchanges with family and friends. Granted this is simplistic view of a complex subject, but I think you get where I'm going with this one. Bakery_customers_1The neighborhoods where corner grocery store relationships were once built are now virtual and viral.

Our world it is not a changin' it has changed. My question to you, dear divas and divos, how is your brand keeping up and capitalizing on this new interactive marketing concept?

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» The Strength of Internet Ties: The Pew Report from Knee Deep
I just read an interesting post on The Diva Marketing Blog called The New Interactive Marketing which highlights some fascinating points from the Pew Report's: The Strength of Internet Ties and seamlessly ties in Toby's marketing insights. Although I h... [Read More]

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» The Strength of Internet Ties: The Pew Report from Knee Deep
I just read an interesting post on The Diva Marketing Blog called The New Interactive Marketing which highlights some fascinating points from the Pew Report's: The Strength of Internet Ties which seamlessly ties in Toby's marketing insights. Although I... [Read More]

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The challenge for me is that my site visitors - musicians - don't know much about RSS right now. And it's perfect for musicians that want to publish tour dates and band news. It's perfect for synth manufactures to post synth patches and tips. Perfect for bands to podcast.

But they just don't know about it.

So I had a blogathon last week where I emailed my list and told them I'd be sitting at my computer answering every comment that's posted to my blog in hopes of educating them about RSS, my blog and co-creating the content.

It was a smash hit and I'm sure I'll do it again. But where do I send the non-techies to learn about RSS? Or should I create content just for my audience?

I just noticed your Technorati Tag underscores. Do you find this helps?

Cheers :)

Posted by: Graham English on Jan 26, 2006 2:26:59 PM

Graham - turning your blog comments into a chat - brilliant!

Posted by: Toby - The Diva ;-) on Jan 26, 2006 2:53:21 PM

The networking opportunities afforded by the internet are an extension of our need to create communities with each other. Internet dating and personal online relationships are now the norm an professional relationships have followed.


Posted by: Randall Wilson on Feb 1, 2006 2:51:36 AM

I actually had reached a plateau with my marketing – I had too many tasks to complete, and no time to build relationships. So I bit the bullet and invested in some marketing services (linked in my name). Turned out it was the best thing I ever did! Now my customers actually hear from me instead of an autoresponder. My relationships are much better as a result. So I guess at some point you do have to spend some money in order to make it.

Posted by: Pamela on Mar 24, 2006 2:07:50 PM

I find many of the new Interactive Marketing Forecasts of the best, in my opinion, is the one written by Shar VanBoskirk of Forrester Research: "The US Interactive Marketing Forecast: 2007 to 2012." As an employee for a large SEM/SEO firm, I believe that Shar really has her finger on the pulse of the industry and doesn't just review what she had evaluated the year before, but always thinks of the changes in the interactive marketing landscape and what they mean, day by day, to the future.

I was lucky enough to see Shar speak on this report in person, but not everyone has such good luck. So, for those who don't - there's a great Webinar coming up hosted by the AMA, Forrester, and IMPAQT solely on the report. And, the report is available for download following the Webinar (a 775 value!!!)

If anyone's interested, you can register at

Posted by: Jamie Sterling on Feb 7, 2008 3:28:46 PM

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