SPAM For Seniors


Spam. Where else can you resolve your credit problems, improve your sex life and find a mortgage just by clicking on your email?   
ThisVernon_woods_2 one is a first for my in-email folders. It's spam for seniors.
(And no I am not ready to collect social security yet!)

Now you can find your retirement home..via a spam ad...well actually this is for assisted living. I guess that's a step beyond retirement.  If the company is hip to spam do you suppose the community is at least wified?

What's next...spam co branding campaigns?   Consider:
"New residents receive a 6-month supply of Viagra."


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And what's even sadder is when it's "scams for seniors". I sat in the living room once as a scammer called my Grandpa.
My Grandfather started saying all this personal information until my Mom caught was going on, picked up the phone, and hung up on this person.

It's amazing (and sad) to see how these scammers are targeting seniors.

It's sad to think that now seniors will have to be pitched and scammed in their email too!

Posted by: Kristie Tamsevicius on Jan 17, 2006 7:30:40 AM

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