Friday Fun: What If ....


Sometimes, all a diva wants to do is to do nothing. In the comfort of her own home. With no make up. With no expectations. On that note, Friday Fun takes a quick look at the new TV season.

What if you could change the history of your life? What if you took the path less traveled? What if you said yes instead of no?  That's the premise of a new CBS reality show What If. Lucky us ... what if we apply to be part of the fun?

Campus_ladiesWhat if you could do college over all again?  I must admit I'm looking forward to catching Oxygen's Campus Ladies. Sunday at 9p.

The Plot: Two square, but sassy, housewives ditch their lives in the burbs for life on a college campus. Yup they are going to "do" college all the way ... complete with keg parties, sorority rush, dorm roommate, dating and prof challenges. The "ladies" were created by comediennes Carrie Aizley and Christen Sussin.

Let's look at the online marketing tactics. There's a lot going in the website: interactive games, cast profiles, video out takes and a viral-buzz-word of mouth marketing strategy. The first 5000 people to get 21 people to sign-up win t-shirts. $40k is in it for the best buzzer who brings in the most on-site registrations.

And...ta dah! ... the proverbial dusty musty Campus Ladies "blog" that hasn't been updated since 12/9 and has 8 suspect comments. Can you guess which ones are "real?" Come on Oxygen if you're monitoring the blogoshere get your act together on this one! And it would be cool if you added Diva Marketing Blog to the Campus Ladies blogroll <wink>.

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