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Next week I'll be joining three very talented bloggers to live blog WOMBAT. What's WOMBAT?  It's not a new version of Star Wars' hairy little wookie creature. WOMBAT is the Word of Mouth Basic Training conference sponsored by WOMMA .. Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

My thanks to Dan VanDen Heuvel, Pheedo and Blog Savant who asked me to join the team of WOMBAT Bloggers (say that 3 times fast and maybe Michael and Andy will discount your admission!): Josh Halett, hyku and Mariane Richmond, Resonance Partnership Blog.

In full disclosure, and in keeping with the WOMMA Code, WOMMA is picking up the tab for the 2-day conference and hotel. We're on our own for transportation. AirTran was running a sale..$158 to Orlando from Atlanta...making this an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

The speaker line-up is impressive but I'm especially looking forward to the cases studies - Day 2. And of course, meeting up with diva bloggers Yvonne DiVita, Terri Whitsel, Jackie Huba and catching up with divos Steve Rubel and John Moore.

Taking our lead from Michael Rubin and Andy Sernovitz, The WOMBAT Bloggers agreed that our goal is to be your feet on the street bloggers - eyes, ears and voice. We will try our very best to bring you the flavor of the conferene. I'll also be cross blogging at the WOMBAT Blog and Diva Marketing.

So that said, if you can't make it to Orlando next week ~Jan 19 and 20~ drop a comment and let me know what you want to know. Take a look at the speakers. Who among all of the speakers would you like to meet and if you had a chance to talk to her/him, what what would your one burning question be? Suggestions on how I should structure these live blog posts? Your ideas are most appreciated.

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