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Ama_ei_logoFrom the moment I stepped foot on the Camelback Inn property I felt pampered. I just may never go back to Atlanta. I wasn't as smart as my dear friend Michelle Elster, VP Rabin Research, who came in a few days earlier for some R&R at the spa with her husband Larry.  After spending last week at WOMBAT - hows that for WOM?

I'm in Scottsdale speaking at AMA's Executive Insights Conference: Insights Through Innovation. Beth Round, MarketTools,  the chair of the program, asked that I help this group of senior marketing research professionals understand blogs and how consumer generated media is fast becoming a tool that researchers cannot afford to overlook.

Spent last night catching up with another research friend, Joan Treistman - EVP at M/A/R/C. We had a lively conversation over dinner about CGM and blogs with Beth Shriver, FirstEnergy and Caroline Horstman, PETsMart and Randall Wahl M/A/R/C.

Even Oster, Barcardi Global Brand and I explored how Barcardi could enter the blogosphere without the negative splash made by Captain Morgan.

Conference kicked off with Seth Godin telling this group of marketers that their world is not just broken ... it's pretty much dying on the vine. In Seth fashion his high energy and storytelling kept the audience entertained and looking forward to reading Purple Cow and downloading his lasted book available next week on his blog.

Interesting to note that many of the speakers complemented Seth's presentation by talking about consumer relevancy. Following are a few high level take aways.

It's a new game
The old model not just changing it's dying
WOM is important
Emotional connections with your customers is critical
The message is in how you tell your story
Relvancy is key

I'ill add links to the conference!
[Update. Links are done.
From my conversations with attendees seems some people are going to get into this game. Or at least begin to explore how they can make it work better. 
Made my pitch  again  - research needed about the blog biz from consumers' perspective; hope someone picks up on it.
Interestng question: Do bloggers write about negatives or the positives?
Thanks to  Clara  Nelson and her great team Cher and Charles who, as always, make it look seamless.]

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