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Conferences are about networking and knowledge, and if you're living right, a new business lead or two. Michael Rubin, Word of Mouth Marketing Association, dropped me an "e" last week that he hopes to start a new trend. At the January 2006, Word of Mouth Basic Training conference, giving back is part of his model.

WOMMA is auctioning 20 tickets to the conference on eBay. The goal is to bring in $20k through word of mouth marketing. Good for WOMMA and good for the charities:

* Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
* Habitat for Humanity
* Heifer International
* American Red Cross
* Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
* Electronic Frontier Foundation

Sidebar: How can you spin Michael's idea for your business? Is there a way that doing good can help produce word of mouth marketing for your brand? And is there a way to extend the strategy? For example, are any of the charities involved in the promotion? How about tapping into the volunteer base? How can you make it easy for people, who are already passionate about a cause, to chat it up?

One for the non profits - Marianne Richmond, Resonance Partnership Blog, points to a Google AdSense Grant Program. If you're really serious about developing a cause marketing strategy give Mollye Rhea at For Momentum a shout.

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