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Conan3_215A joke complements of Conan O'Brien:
Did you hear that Levi's is making a new model of jeans with a build in podcast holder? It's called a pocket! <lol> Well at 1a it was funny to me.

One of the frustrations of digital communications is the lack of non verbal cues and sounds.  A nod of your head, a small smile :-) or a wink ;-)  can be more telling than 1000s of letters. Sounds also enhance a conversation. A sigh or a laugh<lol> can change the meaning of a your words. PCWorld calls emoticons the hieroglyphics of a hurried generation.

To add an extra dimension to your digital conversations, today's Friday Fun brings a few examples of email/chat slang and acronyms.  If you can't remember the translations try this Internet Slang Translator ;-)

bf    boyfriend
bfn  bye for now
brb  be right back
cu    see you
gf    girl friend
gg   got to go
h&k  a hug &  a kiss
hfs!  Holy F_ckin Sh-t!
j/k   just kidding
pos   parent over shoulder
qt     cutie
sol    sh-t out of luck
sys   see you soon
thx   thanks
ttfn   ta ta for now
ttyl    talk to you later
u       you
w.e    what ever
xoxo  hugs and kisses
yt      you there
yw     you're welcome

<s>    smile
<w>    wink
:-)      smile
<g>     grin
*g*      giggles
;-)      wink
:-<      pouting
>:-(    angry
hgggsss  hugs
c["]    coffee mug
***     popcorn

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Okay, I love that there's one for "coffee mug," my favorite inanimate object in the world. But bf? All this time I thought it was "best friend." Oh, the confusion I must have caused....

By the way, it's a boy!

Posted by: Aimee on Jan 14, 2006 9:28:02 AM

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