Talking Blogs In Detroit


InforumTalking Business Blogging Basics with the smart, savvy women of Inforum today. If you're in Detroit join me for breakfast at Automation Alley.

I'm drinking early am java with  Bob Allen, Web Editor, Business Casual Crains Detroit Business, John Bailey, Baily Blog,  John Bailey  & Associates and none other than my blog buddy Ed Garsten,, DaimlerChrysler.
Sidebar: Diva Marketing Blog's Biz Blog Profile Series includes a behind the scene interview with Ed about the controversial blog.

Many thanks to Doris Hendricks for her hospitality that made chilly Detroit feel more like Hot'lanta!

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It was wonderful to meet you at last Toby! Sorry about the weather. We call 8-inches of snow it "early spring" around here. Your presentation on the basics of blogging should be required for any business considering jumping into the blogosphere.

Posted by: Ed Garsten on Dec 19, 2005 9:23:40 AM

Wonderful appreciation post. Thankies! By the way, I also strted blogging on My personalblog is dedicated to my life and work as a nurse. It will be interesting to hear your opinion about my posts.

Posted by: Dakota Leest on Nov 28, 2018 10:29:02 AM

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