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Like it or not ... corporate guidelines for blogging are becoming SOP (standard operating procedures).Mic Next up podcast guidelines?  Yup and IBM is the first company, I know of, to draft guidelines for podcasting. Can vlogging guidelines be far behind?

IBM's blogging guidelines were used as a basis and then a few extra podcast/medium specific guidelines were added.  Most are common sense and reflect a standard of professionalism that should not be a big deal within a business environment.

IBM's Podcasting Guidelines

-Do not podcast IBM Confidential material.
Currently there is no way to protect/encrypt audio files in a manner that meets IBM's security guidelines. Files can be easily shared outside of IBM. Don't disclose anything you wouldn't disclose outside the company.

-Be mindful not only of what you say, but how you say it.
Sometimes the way you say something -- the tone of your voice, such as a hint of sarcasm -- can be as revealing as what you say.

-Protect your privacy and the privacy of others.
Make sure you don't record any person without his or her consent and awareness. Surrepitiously recording and distributing conversations is a breach of other's privacy and can have severe consequences for you. Start each audio recording by identifying all the individuals participating.

-Set the bar as high as you can for audio production and content quality.
External podcasts that present topics or points of view relevant to IBM's business or broader corporate interests inevitably reflect on the company's brand. To put it bluntly, if it does not sound good, even the greatest ideas may not be enough to hold a listener's attention.
-There may be some invitations to participate in non-IBM podcasts that warrant IBM Communication's involvement.
You should treat these the same way you would treat an interview request from a reporter. If you're in doubt, be sure to talk to your local Communications people to discuss the opportunity before agreeing to participate.

 -Identify your podcast as the voice of an individual or small group within the company, not the "official" voice of the company.
This is similar to the standard disclaimer in IBM blogging guidelines -- but in the case of a podcast, it's necessary to make such a declaration verbally.

 -Before you initiate a podcast, ask yourself if it is the most appropriate method to communicate with your audience.
Before creating a podcast, listen to some. Experience what podcasting is like from the audience's perspective. Go out and listen to some podcasts. What do you think works well? What do you dislike? What is it that you have to say -- and is this the right medium in which to say it?

IBM also reminds its folks that MP3 files (like blog posts) can remain accessible for a very long time. Aint that the truth!

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According to BusinessWeek (, Jupiter ( also has guidelines, but they're not available to the public as I searched.

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