Friday Fun: Mini Carnival of Holiday Cheer


Happy_holiday_peachtree_2What could today's Friday Fun be but a mini carnival of holiday cheer posts and websites? Enjoy!

At Lip-Sticking Yvonne DiVita reminds us that women are the caretakers of the holiday season and especially in our virtual world embracing the diversity of differences among cultures is mandatory.  She offers us a short lesson about some holidays and celebrations including Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Omisaka, Browen Claw.

If you love the story Yes, Virginina There Is A Santa Claus you'll enjoy this interview with Virginia Hanlon - 66 years later.

Marianne Richmond, Resonance Partnership Blog, found another Christmas letter that is as heart warming. Especially if you are the parents of boys this don't miss A Father's Letter to Santa written by David Chartand. Love the now and then photos of Marianne's 2 sons.

In his alter ego blog, ItSeemsToMe, Shel Israel talks about what was like as a young boy growing up Jewish at Christmas. Nice piece and a different side to Shel than what you're use to seeing on the Naked Conversation blog.

For the foodies, a yummy eggnog recipe from Cooking For Engineers and one for hot mulled cider from Simply Recipes. And from Delicious Destinations a recipe for  Candy Cane Tea that would go perfectly with a cookie swap.

Winter and holiday games including a cool snow flake one comes complements of Average Jane - here and here too!

Modern Millie celebrates Hanukkah a little early and lets us in on the fun watching her her son and daughter in-law Steve & Carol Garfield unwrap their presents from her. It's another feel good vlog from the Ultimately Divine Diva. Check out the Carol & Steve Show about their new funky Xmas tree too!

Santa is blogging and Santa is podcasting. Of course the jolly ole elf is in tune with the 2.0 web stuff and B. L. Ochman has the scoop!

Funny Business has some strange and funny holiday stuff going on. Elana Centor has some thoughts about duct tape and tampons..and that's all I'm saying... and a post on politically correct way to wish you merry and joy. Is it Holiday Greetings or Christmas Greetings?

For anyone who's experienced holiday dinners with their dysfunctional family, you might have something in common with Jane Genova. Or agree with Alex, New York One Gay Date At A Time, that quite often it is friends who are family.

For an cute you must see Michele Miller's, Wonder Branding, photo of her pooch, Penny The Wonder Dog. I think Max would def let out a howl for Penny!

John Moore, Brand Autopsy, shares his Holiday Deliverables. I think we should all take note.

Yes, Divas and Divos some people still do send out real cards. Rich Westerfield, TSMI, has a shot of the real card from Slack Barashinger and a link to their funny rejects.

What does the ultimate geek, Robert Scoble, think is a cool Christmas gift? A candid conversation with Channel 9's team. Each to his own.

From Grace Bonney of the beautiful and elegant blog design*sponge - mouse pads that are far from geeky!

Diva dahling, if you're still looking for the perfect New Year's eve shoes, you much of course visit the Manolo.

And if you're having trouble getting to sleep Christmas Eve perhaps a holiday story, the Blogger's Night Before Christmas by Diva Marketing, might do the trick.

And so, I'm offering this

Simple phrase to bloggers new and old,
Altho' it's been said many times
Many ways; "Happy blogging to you!"

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