Carnival of Marketing


Twinkle, twinkle, what a pity
Alone alone on such a pretty night
With enchantment on your side
Popcorn, popcorn, cotton candy

Ferriswheel Soft voice whispered, "This all can be right
If you come and share a ride"

Joni Mitchell, Carnival In Kenora


Come along with me for a ride on a virtual ferris wheel and some oh so bad..but oh so fun pink cotton candy at the new Carnival of Marketing.


The Carnival of Marketing will be open this week at the fair grounds of Scott Allen at his location not the Virtual Handshake. So don't get lost. The barker behind the scene is Noah Kagan, Okdork.


Never been to a Blog Carnival?  You're in for a treat. You'll discover new blog friends, meet-up with favorite old friends and find a few surprises...including a Diva Marketing act.<wink wink>

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