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Wood_trailTraveling Hope. A special blog project that reinforces that blogs are about people-talking-to-people. The creator Jeannette best tells what it's all about.

This project blossomed out of the exchange between bloggers who share one common concern: cancer. If you have read the many beautiful, angry, touching, bitter, honest, caring, inspiring words, then you understand the virtual community that has been built and the value of that support. Unknowingly we have inspired one another with our words and honesty on our blogs. We have found a connection with one another and shared our hearts, our fears, our tears, and our laughter with one another. What if we could take our words, thoughts, even pictures, one step further?

How can we capture this in something other than our archives? How can we get these words into the hands of other people who most need to hear them? Through these questions “traveling hope” has become a reality.

The idea is to send several journal notebooks out to people and have them each enter a journal entry in written words or pictures (or both). Then each journal is sent off to another person and it continues until each journal is full, at which time the journals are returned. The Traveling Hope Project is open to those who have been touched by cancer: survivors, caretakers, family members, medical professionals, etc. The intention is to create a traveling exhibit to bring awareness to cancer. This is intended solely to be used to bring awareness. No one will ever profit financially from this project. The hope is that someday we can have the journals bound and copied and distributed free of charge to cancer patients.

Please consider joining this project. Share your story. Leave a legacy.

Heard it from: Cary Miller, Cancer-News-Watch

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Thank you for information about Traveling Hope. My mother had breast cancer when I was 1997 when I was in junior high. This concept would have beneficial to me at the time, as I struggled to pretend everything was OK and lead a normal life.

An interesting twist in this idea would be if the journals were separated and targeted, such as types of cancers or ages of patients. I know that younger women with breast cancer struggle even more than older women, especially if they have no history in their families.

Support is an important key to recovery and success in cancer treatment. My mom kept a scrapbook of cards friends sent her so that when she was having a bad day, she could read through them easily and get a "quick fix".

Cancer patients, survivors and their families are a huge target for so many PR possibilities, and it seems like Traveling Hope is starting a positive project. I'll definitely check it out!

Posted by: Marie Lanier on Nov 21, 2005 11:23:59 PM

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