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Move on over FORTUNE and Business Week - another mainstream pub has joined the blogosphere. Playboy UK is blogging and podcasting too. Be warned...the blog is very riske...rated XXX...  Surprisingly few comments. Hef baby, can a sexy U.S. Playboy blog be far behind? (oops sorry!)

The Playboy blog includes some of the easiest to understand explanations about RSS and podcasting I've come across - including screenshots.

What is podcasting?
It's Sky plus or Tivo for internet radio shows. You listen to a show you like, then you can subscribe to that show (for free). This means that everytime there is a new episode of that show, iTunes will download it for you. Automagically.

What is RSS/XML?
Right. Don't worry. This is easy. My mum understands it.

In its most simple form, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way for your PC to be told every time a web site has something new to read so you don't need to waste your time surfing sites that haven't been updated.

Rather than use the bookmarks that are easily forgotten about, you get a little notification that the site has new content. You can 'subscribe' (for free) to RSS feeds and then you'll be told as soon as there is something new to read.

Now, you may not have noticed but lots and lots of sites use this technology now. Especially news sites. BBC, Guardian, New York Times, even Arsenal's site has an RSS feed. You can tell because Playboy_marilynthey use this XML/RSS button to let you know what the feed is.

Playboy triva: Marilyn Monroe was the first center fold.

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By the way, porn comments and trackbacks will be zapped!

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Thanks so much for the kind comments about my description of RSS/podcasting etc.

One thing. You say the site doesn't get many's still in early days and isn't publicised yet. But check this thread out!


Thanks again


Posted by: Damian Jennings on Nov 15, 2005 5:59:57 PM

Damian - your writing about tech stuff is so easy to understand. Your explanations just might find their way into a presentation or 2 :-)

I was surprised by the lack of commnets...I'm sure once the word gets out there will quite lively discussions going on. Do you plan to have guest bloggers like the bunnies or Hef pop in every now and again. If The Donald and Mark Cuban can blog .. why not Hef too?

Posted by: Toby on Nov 15, 2005 7:30:06 PM

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