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Open up your blog dictionary, here are a few more buzz words to add. From Josh Hallett, hyku - Synthetic Transparency: using blogs to give the impression of openenss, honesty and transparency but without really doing so.

How about blog clients? Software that helps you manage your blog posts without launching a web browser. Qumama is an established product that has been around for awhile and there's AvantBlog that supports palm-based blogging.

This week I met up with Eric Griffin, CEO of Bingo Bango Software who demoed Elicit. Elict has a few more bells and whistles than other blog clients. The most impressive is what looks like a very cool calendar program. Eric gave me access to the program and asked that I play with it. Will keep you posted on if it makes life easier for a non geek kinda diva.
Sidebar: Bingo Bango - you'll either love that name or hate it. It makes me laugh...and that's a cool deal.

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Don't forget ecto!


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