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What's your exit strategy? If it's to get "aquired" the M&A list that Cliff Kurtzman, CEO of ADASTRO and moderator of the excellent The Online Advertising Discussion List, put together of the 2005 deals in the online marketing and ad space might be helpful. Most of the deals involve companies who are involved with online content. I found the movement and the players interesting.

Sidebar: Since Gawker's deal with Yahoo! is *only* to provide content ... guess we won't see one that on Cliff's list.

November 2005
PlanetOut acquires LPI Media for $31.1M.
MashBoxx acquires Grokster
AtomShockwave acquires Addicting Games
WebMD acquires TheHeart.org for $19M (approximately $150/member)
Microsoft acquires media-streams.com AG and Foldershare
News Corp buys Propertyfinder.com for $25.3M
AOL acquires MusicNow
Think Partnership (CGI Holdings) buys Web Diversity for $2M
Aegis/Isobar acquires Planete Interactive and Webcontents for $11M
Omnicom acquires Resolution Media
VML acquires Studiocom
Ziff Davis Media Game Group acquires FileFront.com
Boulevards acquires SF Station
Leisure & Gaming acquires Nine.com for $36M and Engllish Harbour for $16.5M
ThriftyChick.com acquired by Papierdoll.net
Stoddard Hill Capital acquires iNET Interactive from Aberration! Ventures
Alebooks acquires BookFinder.com
LocalMatters acquires AreaGuides.net
Yahoo! acquires Softbank's shares of Yahoo UK, Yahoo Germany and
Yahoo France, and Yahoo Korea for $500M
First Advantage Corporation and The First American Corporation
jointly acquire a 75 percent ownership interest in LeadClick Media
for $150 million.

October 2005
AOL purchases Weblogs, Inc. for $25 Million
Yahoo acquires Upcoming.org
Verisign buys Moreover for $30M
MTV Networks buys IFILM for $49M
J. L. Halsey acquires EmailLabs for $19.5M
Omnicom acquires ipsh!
AOL acquires Weblogs (est. $25M)
Aegis/Isobar acquires Kirowski Rt. for $12M
Yahoo acquires WhereonEarth
eBay acquires VeriSign Payment Gateway for $370M

September 2005
Trendum acquires BuzzMetrics
Microsoft buys Alacris
eBay buys Skype for $2.6 - $4 Billion
Rakuten buys Linkshare for $425M
Alliance buys Bigfoot Interactive for $120M est.
News Corp (Fox Interactive) acquires IGN for $650M
DMG World Media acquires iMedia
Media Contacts acquires Iando

August 2005
Microsoft acquires Teleo (VoIP Tech)
AOL buys Xdrive
AOL buys Wildseed
News Corp (Fox Interactive) acquires Scout Media
ValueClick acquires Fastclick for $280M
Incisive Media PLC acquires Clickz.com/Search Engine Trade Shows from
Jupitermedia for $43M
Aegis/Isobar acquires glue for $26M
Experian acquires Vente, Inc.
Vector Capital acquires Register.com for $200M
Yahoo! invests $1B in Alibaba, which acquires Yahoo! China

July 2005
Marchex buys IndustryBrains for $30.6M
Yahoo buys Konfabulator
News Corp (Fox Interactive) buys Intermix/MySpace for $580M
Google acquires Android
Google acquires Akwan
Cheetahmail (Experian) acquires Harvest Solutions
Aegis/Isobar acquires Digithais Network for $6M
Experian acquires ClassesUSA.com

June 2005
Gannett acquires PointRoll (est. $100M)
Amazon.com buys CustomFlix
Yahoo acquires Dialpad
eBay buys Shopping.com for $620 Million
Millward Brown acquires Dynamic Logic
I/PRO acquires Accrue
ValueClick acquires Web Clients for $141M
ValueClick acquires E-Babylon for $15M
MTV Networks buys Neopets for $160M
Jupitermedia acquires PictureArts for $63.2M
Falk North America acquires FPBA Group/Commflash
IGN acquires AskMen.com
E.W. Scripps acquires Shopzilla for $525M
Aegis/Isobar acquires HYPERmedia for $8.7M

May 2005
Jupitermedia acquires JGuru.com
Horizon buys Mass Transit Interactive
Refinery buys DirectMASS
Google acquires Dodgeball
J. L. Halsey acquires Lyris for $24M
Experian buys LowerMyBills.com for $380M
eBay/Kijiji acquires Gumtree.com and LoQUo.com

April 2005
Amazon.com buys BookSurge
Amazon.com buys Mobipocket.com
Hellman & Friedman buys Doubleclick for $1.1B
Yahoo acquires TeRespondo
Aegis/Isobar acquires Molecular for $31.5M
Experian acquires Thermo Media, LLC (Affiliate Fuel)

March 2005
Francisco Partners acquires WebTrends from NetIQ for $94M
Acxiom acquires Digital Impact for $140M
WebSourced acquires Smart Interactive
adMarketplace acquires AIBITS
IAC/Interactive Corp buys Ask Jeeves for $1.85 Billion
Microsoft buys Groove Networks
Yahoo acquires Ludicorp Research (Flickr) for $40 Million
Google purchases Urchin Sofware for $30 Million
GOT Corporation acquires Smart Solutions International
Silverpop acquires Digital Oxygen
360i acquires SearchIgnite
Think Partnership (CGI Holdings) acquires PrimaryAds for $10M-$26M

February 2005
Websidestory acquires Atomz for $4.3M
comScore acquires SurveySite
NY Times buys About.com from Primedia for $410 Million
Interchange acquires Inspire Infrastructure 2i for $22.5M
Ask Jeeves acquires Bloglines

January 2005
iVillage acquires Healthology for $17.2M
DigitalGrit acquires Liquid Marketing and Insight
Aegis/Isobar acquires FarFar
Aegis/Isobar acquires De-construct for $11M
DMG New Media acquires AD:TECH $19.4M est.

Update: Cliff is updating this list on the Online Advertsing Discussion List website.

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Thanks for posting and referencing this! This is a tremendous resource!

Posted by: Dana VanDen Heuvel on Nov 17, 2005 11:15:20 PM

Great resource Toby. Thanks for pulling this together. The list also speaks to investor sentiment in general, especially our space, that has come full circle and is now a respected, healthy growth opportunity across many verticals.

Posted by: Donna Lynes-Miller on Nov 18, 2005 7:37:18 AM

Thanks for the post Toby. You are correct on the Gawker deal. Since we are continually updating the M&A list and what you posted is already out of date, you might consider removing the old listing and just include a link to http://www.o-a.com/acquisitions.html instead.


Posted by: Cliff Kurtzman on Nov 24, 2005 2:09:10 AM

Thanks for this post! I used Cliff's data (which I found, thanks to your post) to create a couple of charts. These charts elaborate on a discusssion that a couple of fellow venture capitalist ("VC") blogs have had, regarding the "bipolarization of deal size":


Great blog, by the way! Came across it through the BlogHer Roll.

Posted by: Class V on Dec 1, 2005 10:41:43 AM

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