Fortune Smiles On Yvonne DiVita


FORTUNE's new blog Business Innovation is leveraging the creative talents of the blogosphere. An interview with Yvonne DiVita, Lip-Sticking, is front and center. Yvonne shares her views about marketing to women online. It such fun to see Yvonne on the other side of the virtual mic after reading  Lip-sticking's Smart Women and Smart Men interviews.Pink_boa_7

Big take away - many companies are asking questions but few are really listening.

Yvonne is one diva who does both! A toss of the pink boa to you Yvonne.

Sidbar: Business Innovations, would you please format in blog scannable paragraphs. It's sometimes difficult to read huge chunks of information when paragraphs run long. And dahling, we do not want to miss one word of Yvonne's interview.

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