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Corante_blog_logoCorante, the first media blog company, is joining the wonderful world of blog networking with a series of "Hubs."  It's a slightly different approach than what other blog networks have put into place. Corante Networks are built around a specific topic. Hubs that have launched include marketing, media and web technology; telecom and law will hit the virtual streets soon.

My thanks to Francois Goissieaux who invited Diva Marketing to play with the big kids on the blogosphere block! Diva Marketing feeds will appear on the Corante Network Marketing Hub along with:

-Renee Hopkins Callahan
-Elizabeth Albrycht
-Tom Asacker
-Christopher Carfi
-Bruce Fryer
-Susan Getgood
-Neville Hobson
-Shel Holtz
-Lois Kelly
-Andrew Lark
-Mike Manual
-Grant McCracken
-Michele Miller
-John Moore
-Johnnie Moore
-Jennifer Rice
-Eveyln Rodriguez
-Mary Schmidt
-John Winsor
-David B. Wolfe

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