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Just about this time last year, at an AMA speakers' dinner for Blogs: Marketing Beyond the Website at Elliot's Oyster House in Seattle, Robert Scoble talked about why he thought vlogging would take flight. Seems Apple was about to launch a video iPod.  With Ben McConnell - Church of the Customer, Bill Flitter - Pheedo, Dana VanDen Heuvel -then Blog Savant - now Pheedo, Clare Nelson, AMA and moi, Diva Marketing around the table, it was not a "geek dinner" but very much a "bloggers' dinner."

Apple's new iPodIpod_video plays up to to 150 hours of video. Curious about how the images look? Check out the DeFunk's vlog of a video iPod. DeFunk has a bunch of videos for your browsing pleasure including how to subscribe to video podcasts in iTune. Cool!

Now go and check out Millie Garfield's son, Steve Garfield's Vlog Soup. Steve, the Divo of Vlogs, has put together a vlog demonstrating different styles of vlogs. Cool!

Over local brews, Robert made another prediction. His thoughts were that during 2005 blogs would continue to grow in popularity and visibility as a marketing strategy. Crystal_ballBut it would not be until  2006 that blogs would really take off. With all of the blog books that were released this year and more about to drop next year, Robert just might just be right. Cool!

Business Blogging Books
-We Blog, Paul Bausch, Matthew Haughey, Meg Hourihan
-The Weblog Handbook, Rebecca Blood
-Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies, Susannah Garden
-Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS, Rok Hrastnik
-Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World, Hugh Hewett
-Blog, David Kline & Dan Burstein
-Blog On Building Online Communities With Web Logs, Todd Stauffer
-Blogging: Genius Strategies For Instant Web Content, Biz Stone
-Blog Marketing, Jeremy Wright

Coming Attractions Business Blogging Books
-Naked Conversations, Robert Scobel & Shel Israel
-The Everything Blogging Book, Aliza Sherman Risdahl
-The Corporate Blogging Book, Debbie Weil
-The Rough Guide to Blogging, Jonathan Yang

Find more books about blogging at Blog Revolt
Heard it from: Debbie Weil, The Corporate Blogging Book

If you come across any new business blog books drop a comment. Let's keep track of the new releases. Please and thank you!

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