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AOL/Roper Hispanic Cyberstudy 2005 was in the goodie bags at the AiMA Hispanic event that took place last week.  You might be surprised to learn Hispanics are coming online quickly.  However, although there are significant opportunities to tap this market, keep top  of mind, it is comprised of multiple niches - each with their own concerns, needs and challenges. That said there are some points that run across all niches.

Almost half (44%) of the adult Hispanic population has access to the internet at home. The study shows that Hispanics are in search of communities that reflect their lifestyles, issues and concerns. The recurring dominate theme is improvement, self-improvement - and making a better life for their kids.

Key Findings From The AOL/Roper Hispanic Cyberstudy 2005 Research

Empowering Trends
-Give their children advantages and in turn be "good" parents
-Communicate with others, not only by email, but even more so than the General Online Population, via chat rooms and online bulletin boards.
-Be smart consumers, educating them about products and services they didn't know about before.
-Find entertainment - music, video clips, movies

Entertainment and Movies
-Online Hispanics rely on the internet for entertainment information far more than the general online market, preferring it to other media for the breadth and depth of information provided and its 24/7 availability
-Online Hispanics are powerful word of mouth agents for the movies - more than twice as likely as others to chat about movies online and to send links to others.

Consumer Products
-The online Hispanic population is very positive about the internet as a source of consumer information. As a group they find the internet a convenient, accessible and high quality resource for information for their household goods.
-Online Hispanics depend on the internet to be more educated consumers. In fact, online information influences off-line purchasing. Four in ten print out online information to bring to the stores.

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In the United States Hispanics is one of the largest market segments. With them becoming Internet savvy, they can be good potential targets.

Posted by: Sanjeev Sachdev on Nov 6, 2005 7:31:35 AM

The hispanic market is quite segmented in different groups. Also most of the marketing departments recently created to target this segment, have limited resources and need to gather data to build the case for growth of their budget and resources. Online makes the most appropiate channel to reach these audience with segmented messages while at the same time gathering key insights on this newly targeted audience.

I'd love to share more information with you regarding this segment as this is our specialty at our interactive agency.

I'd also would love to be linked from your site to my blog :)

Posted by: Ignacio Roizman on Sep 4, 2006 1:10:02 PM

Dear Diva, Ignacio and Sanjev

Greetings. I think the last two years has been a great wake up call about ethnic markets and large to midsize companies are particularly curious about latino marketing, but when it comes to the real implementation everything stays on the papper. For instance all the websites of mayor retailers that offer bilingual webistes like walmart, JCpenney or Sears only present the first links in spanish but the secondary links and the shopping cart switches to english again. The only good exception is from the California independent retailer that goes in spanish all the way and try also to brings the shopping experience of being in one of their stores.
I am sure the biggest challenges even from the big players like, yahoo en expanol, aol latino and terra, among others is how to appeal to not acculturated, non assimilated, low income, low educated latinos.
That is where the market is and not in the asimilated latinos that use spanish because started to be in fashion.
Real latinamericans or US born latinos do not appeal like Paulina Rubia, Salma Hayek, Thalia or Antonio Banderas, and all the model looking anchors from CNN en espanol, Univision, TV azteca, telemundo and MTV
When you go from walmart to the greyhound stations you can see that we look more like Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales or mexican leftist Lopez Obrador. If people has chosen them is because dark skin anchors or opinion leaders are truly appealing.
Can the big time hispanic portals reflect real people preferences?
Best regards

Posted by: Hugi Hernandez on Aug 24, 2007 1:01:40 AM

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