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Among the chestnuts (for stuffing) and the white chocolate (for cheesecake) while I was shopping at Harry's Farmer Market/Whole Foods I turned a corner and came across socks. You read it right girlfriend, s-o-c-k-s. Socks_1They were sort of cool...multi-colored and I think organic.

Organic clothing is the hip new style and Whole Foods is leading the way in capturing a piece of the pie (ouch!). Whole Foods is opening Lifestyle Stores. According to the Organic Consumers Association organic and natural products are a $45 billion industry and growing. (NYT article).

From a marketing perspective, merchandising socks among brie and bananas may be a challenge. Is "green clothing" an impulse item that consumers who are concerned with environmental issues and health food will drop into their shopping carts next to their Stonyfield yougurt? SuperTargets offer groceries with household goods, clothing, sports equipment and more. Mixing it up isn't limited to traditional retail outlets. sells it all from books to electronics.

Are there other products or services that you can include in your product mix that will add-value to your customers while maintaining the integrity of your brand identity? More important ...when does the brand become diluted?

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Sidebar: Forever Young Store is a Bloomberg Marketing Client

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I blieve that organics is a niche. I spend a lot of time in Whole Foods stores and really they should sell Birkenstocks and scarves too. I'm not sure the Whole Foods crowd is entirely about health either - it's about the experience, the social consciousness,and the brand.

In my local (non-organic) grocery they have started putting books in the produce section. I noticed one on how to eat fruits for optimal health.

It's this type of unexpected placement that gets attention, and if the products are in alignment with the brand - results.

Posted by: J D Moore on Nov 29, 2005 7:29:20 PM

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