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There's a lovely new diva who recently joined the blogosphere. She talks about life, her loves and even posts her poetry.  In fact, one might say, that blogging is a family affair since her husband and step-son also blog.

Her wise Advice to My Step-son As He Begins His Blogging Adventure should be a must read for every new blogger and incorporated into corporate blogging guidelines.

1. Remember what you write is out there in the public for EVERYONE to see. Guard your privacy against your desire for public attention.

2. Everything you write could one day be used against you. Write so you give your friends pleasure, but not your enemies.

3. You have entered a whole new playground there are so many great friends to meet, so many new things to learn. Enjoy your new experiences and cherish your new friends.

4. Just like every playground there are some bullies in this one too. Don't let the turkeys get you down! If someone leaves an inappropriate or mean comment don't take it personally and don't dwell too much on it. They are not worth it.

5. Before you publish something ask yourself what your Dad or Mom or friends would think about it. Would they approve? What about a future college recruiter? Or someone who is interviewing you for a job? If you are not sure ask someone. Remember Rule #1.

6. Don't write about someone without their knowledge; portray others as you would like to be portrayed yourself. Remember Rule #2.

7. I hope you continue to ask questions and keep alive your curiosity and take us along on your journey.

Thank you Maryam Scoble and welcome to the blogosphere!

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Great advice!

Posted by: purple_kangaroo on Nov 5, 2005 2:02:07 PM

"Advice To My Son Step-son As He Begins His Blogging Adventure" is a blogger's guide to being a good neighbor in a community that has rules that still needs to be defined.

The rules are simple but truly a wise set of rules for even a 42-year old blogger like me. It is spoken with love and with the authority and tenderness of a parent.

Posted by: Virgilio Paralisan on Nov 13, 2005 1:16:10 AM

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