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Pink_boa_8 Toss of two pink boas...maybe three of four to Marianne Richmond, Resonance Partnership Blog, for doing what Lynksis, Earthlink and Microsoft and Mozilla could not do ... connect me to

For the past few days I couldn't access Google via a browser. I couldn't access Google via a website. I couldn't access Google via an email link. I couldn't access Diva Marketing Google Search either.

Played dodge ball tech support -- referred from one company to another to another to another -- with major corporations. One company even told me to contact Google's help support. Dah ha ha ... how would I do that if I couldn't access the site. Another company suggested that Google had "gone down." Yeah right. Can you imagine the blogopshere buzz if that happened? Not to mention the fun Yahoo! and MSN would have if Google were to shut down for days.

I'm sure Diva Marianne wouldn't mind sharing her advice. Drum beat please ... "Disconnect your router for 10 seconds and plug it back it." Sometimes simple is best. Perhaps Marianne can add geek training to her repertoire.

Tit for tat! Can someone please repay the favor and help Marianne figure out why Technorati Tags won't work on the Resonance Partnership Blog?

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Happy to help...probably discovered it by accident when picking up the router to throw out the window.

One of life's little mysteries is why phone customer support for on-line services always suggests that you visit their web site to solve the problem...when you are calling because of lack of internet connection. I wonder if they offer on-line advice about how to connect to the internet, if you can't connect to the internet? See Hofstader's "Strange Loops".


Posted by: Marianne Richmond on Nov 26, 2005 1:51:38 PM

Glad you're all hooked up to Google! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by: Windfall Woman on Nov 27, 2005 6:58:06 PM

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