The Diva is Not The Michael


Bloomberg__women_for_bloombergThe guys at The Policker thought Diva Marketing was a new blog from Mayor Bloomberg.

A new Bloomberg-y blog? With a martini logo? My interest was piqued, and then I realized that this is actually the blog for an Atlanta-based company, run by some dude named Toby Bloomberg. Damn. in the blogosphere..too funny! But if Bloomberg wants to talk about buying my URL Bloomberg Marketing I'm willing to negotiate. Or if the Mayor wants help with a blog strategy I can do that too!

So..welcome Policker readers...pour a dirty martini or a Jack take a politially incorrect puff on a Cuban cigar and feel free to wander about. You might enjoy the interview with Ed Gasten of the controversial media only blog from DaimlerChrysler or step into the wild side of marketing a read about blogs as a sales strategy.

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So how many times has the gender/mix-up happened now?

Posted by: Josh Hallett on Oct 26, 2005 11:07:14 AM

Hello, "Diva" = "dude"? And your site design is so... well, feminine. ;-)

You at least have the good fortune of a somewhat unique name. I get mixed up with the coding guru and the musician all the time. And then there are a zillion others to contend with!

I want my #1 Google spot back! Working on it... :-)

Posted by: Scott Allen on Nov 3, 2005 2:39:46 AM

Must admit the "gender mix-up" does create some fun and sometimes gives me a slight edge since it takes the person off guard. And sometimes it just is a plain hoot!

Posted by: Toby on Nov 3, 2005 1:29:42 PM

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