six apart promises NEVER again


Girlfriend, there's an saying by John Heywood that goes, "It's an ill wind that blows no good."  The post about TypePad's rapid growth challenges brought a comment from Ginerva of six apart.

hey there -
Trust me, we hear you guys. You can check out Mena and Ben's post here regarding the ups and downs: (I added the hyperlink for you) and to reiterate, we really, really apologize. This will NEVER happen again.

... which led me to a cool new blog. Ginvera's very divaish - n-judah love song  - well worth a visit.

By the way, Divos Marshall and Cary offer some ideas for how to deal with Technorati Tags in the  comments of Diva Marketing's post - TypePad's Growing Pains. Seems Technorati indexes your categories from Typepad posts. But I ask you - who wants to have a zillion categories? Ah life in the blogosphere... Some day some one will figure it out and make oodles of $.


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