Friday Fun: Shake Rattle 'n Roll The Toothpicks


Millie Garfield - My Mom's Blog,Millie_sketch the ultimately  diva, always brings a smile. Millie and son Steve Garfield (who by the way is the master divo when it comes to vlogs) are at it again. Great laughs for a Friday! I'm waiting for the Millie & Son Reality Show...I want to walk the red carpet with you Millie.

Don't want to give the giggles away, but the tagline on the blog is a great lesson learned for marketers who want to tap into the senior market.

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Sidebar: A great blog written by an awesome diva!

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Move over, Millie! While I'm only slightly more than half of Millie's age (i.e., early 50's), I also have trouble opening bottles, especially screw caps. It's one of the reasons my son, Jason, says he can't move out of the house yet -- he's my chief bottle-opener. I tried explaining that I can't always get a good grip because my fingerprints are worn down (sounds like a reasonable excuse), but he's not buying it. Thankfully, I still have a few of those rubber jar grips (giveaways from bank openings) in my kitchen drawer for when he's ready to get his own place.

Posted by: Sybil on Oct 31, 2005 2:48:34 PM

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