Friday Fun: Ode To Our Pets


Max_1203Today's Friday Fun is a salute to our friends who bring joy to our lives and often help us make it through the night.

Anyone who's ever loved a pet knows that some of your best talks can happen between just you and your special friend. When I say something he finds particularly interesting, Maxie has a way of cocking his head that is so sweet. can say ahhh...

Listen in while my friend Bob May shares his Conversations With Malamutes. I ask all nay sayers, who don't believe that dogs can communicate, to keep an open mind when you read the wise and witty posts from Luky (pronounced "Lou-Key").

Luky talks about marketing: "Coke is a brand, Luky says, "and no matter how clever the campaign might be, there's no way to 'brand' a mousepad or a futon dog bed."  He hates "...wimpass, tentative drivers..." and wanes poetic about life -

He says that happiness and contentment are the same thing when it comes to mood and identity . . . that when we say someone (and he says it's the same for humans) is discontent, we mean they are unhappy - at least, when we are not talking about a particular existential circumstance, like running out of Milk-Bones.

Sometimes humans do nice things for pets too. Jane Genova posts how bloggers have influenced changes in pet polices during disasters.

Now go give your pet some scratches..and maybe a treat or two.


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