Customer Delight Turns Into 5 Marketing Strategies


Soup_studios_emailSome people know how to turn customer service into customer delight. Recently I ordered a special wedding gift for a dear friend. Since the gift is being created by Soup Studios the order will take a few weeks to ship.

I was feeling a bit blue about the non instant gratification, when Jamie Voivedich, the talented artist, offered to send an email note to my friends telling that a surprise was on its way. The eMail directs them to her website to "ponder the possibilities."
Click the graphic to see the email.

3 Smart Marketing Strategies: 1. Jamie delighted me 2. Great email strategy 3. Directed a potential customer to her website.

Now let's add 2 additional marketing strategies that makes it - 5 Marketing Strategies for 1.

4. Jamie turned me into a customer evangelist. You're reading the blog post about Soup Studios. 5. The post may get a bit of viral marketing buzz. By the way, Soup Studio's work is quite unique and fabulous ... would you expect a Diva Marketing wedding gift to be anything less?

Lesson Learned: Customer Delight works beyond expectations.


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Comments, customer service, and viral marketing all wrapped up in one : )

I have to admit, that's pretty impressive. And their products are gorgeous, too!

Posted by: Cary on Sep 26, 2005 2:07:53 PM

i am intrested in and i am studing marketing

Posted by: firouz shamshiri on Oct 13, 2005 5:41:01 AM

Customers are always grateful and happy when you do that little extra for them. It makes them feel special :) I always shop with people who value my patronage.

~Maria Palma
P.S. Love your blog!

Posted by: Maria Palma on Jan 26, 2006 6:28:15 PM

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