Buzz Marketing: the new "plastic"


Whispers_1I just want to say two words. Are you listening? Buzz Marketing. <Quote borrowed from The Graduate>

For those still in the world of plastics, buzz marketing is word of mouth marketing that is built via a thought-out strategic plan. It's been called grass roots marketing, marketing of the people, guerrilla marketing and street marketing.

WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association - yes, dear divas, there is an association for everything!) defines word of mouth as:
- Word of mouth: The act of consumers providing information to other consumers.
- Word of mouth marketing: Giving people a reason to talk about your products and services, and making it easier for that conversation to take place.
- It is the art and science of building active, mutually beneficial consumer-to-consumer and consumer-to-marketer communications.

Recently I came across two excellent, but very different examples, of buzz marketing. One was developed by a marketing consultant, on a limited budget with a tight deadline. The object was to support a fund raising campaign. The other campaign was created by a national organization with more bucks, people and resources. Both are creative and innovative and provide ideas that you might be able to spin to increase awareness for your brand.

Susan Getgood, Marketing Roadmaps, has generously provided a detailed case study of how she put together a grassroots plan to reach fan sites and blogs. Her assignment, using only viral marketing tactics, create buzz for a charity (ebay) auction, sponsored by HP. The auction features photographs of stars who attended the Toronto Film Festival. It's on now so go bid for a good cause and tell a friend...more buzz for Susan!

NBC had a challenge to cut through the clutter of new season programming. One of this season's offerings is a from-the-heart show Three Wishes. The show will travel to 15 U.S. cities granting 3 wishes in each market. In addition to granting wishes, in each city reps from NBC will randomly pay for meals and purchases with money that has an ad for the show attached to it. The concept is that the store will pass along the dollars which will get people talking and doing more good deeds. A website tie-in provides an opportunity to post stories and photos.
Heard it from: MIT Advertising Lab
Sidebar: This show cries out for a blog! So many ways to go. How about a blog by the reps who are surprising people by paying for their purchases?

Divas and divos one more marketing strategy to add to your repertoire!



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Thanks for mentioning the auction, Toby. I really appreciate it.

It has been fun connecting with all these fans, and I will let you know how the auction turns out.

Posted by: Susan Getgood on Sep 20, 2005 12:24:10 PM

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