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Walkoffamemainstarwhite2_1Welcome visitors from wonderful Wonder Branding! It's a thrill to be highlighted by Michele Miller during Wonder Women Week. Even more so it's an honor to be included in a community of smart, savvy  women. All I can say is WoW and thanks Michele!. Girlfriend, you sure made my day ... I feel like a Hollywood Star.

While I'm thanking talented women of the blogopshere a huge pink boa throw to Yvonne DiVita for her very kind and generous words on Lip-Sticking. I'm turning this one into a holiday card.   

The blog world is not without its divos. Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Josh Hallett, hyku, at a Starbucks of course.  Josh shared some great blog stories with me. He's doing some interesting work in this space.

When my friend the brilliant marketer,Ken Bernhardt, asked if I would conduct a workshop on blogs for the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau's art council members it took all 2.5 seconds to say Yes! In another lifetime (we all have many of those!) I was a theatre major. As you might imagine developing this program was a labor of love.
Sidebar: This divo needs to blog!

Blogging seems made for the arts ... cheap, easy, not a lot of resources, creative and all that good marketing stuff. I sure was surprised to find that not a lot of arts groups have taken up blogging. Here are a few: 

- St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
- 42nd Moon - theatre
Sidebar: Thanks to Elisa Camahort Worker Bees Blog
- Katzen Arts Center
- Moxie Theatre
- Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Stay tuned for a few Marketing Diva Biz Blog Profiles on the arts blogs...coming soon!


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In the sometimes circuitous world of blogs, it takes someone in Atlanta to "tell" someone in St. Louis that the SLSO has a blog. I had no idea...what's worse is that I just gave a blogging workshop yesterday for St. Louis non-profits and mentioned (with a screen shot..I hope that was ok) your blog's profile of the American Cancer Society's use of blogs.

Posted by: Marianne Richmond on Sep 28, 2005 10:41:50 PM

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