Don't Let Your Mother Write Your Blog Post


Talking with smart marketers who thought a blog written by a company vip might be an interesting strategy but were concerned about the time investment. Conversation turned to ways to support a busy vip in responding to comments. Thoughts were to have staff review comments, forward the most important along with a draft response that the vip could then edit. Near about choked on my cosmo!

Ezra Palmer's article in iMedia Connection is a great response to business folks who don't quite understand that a blog post should never be a drafted version of what a speech writer, a PR department or even the blogger's mother might think the blog author might want to say.

...the Blogosphere is a place for people who want a more personal relationship with various entities they deal with on a regular basis -- corporate, government, media, you name it. They want to have a sense of a person behind or within the enterprise. They are looking for something or somebody real.

Heard it from: Lee Odden on Business Blog Consulting

Lesson Learned: Don't Let Your Mother (or anyone else for that matter) Write Your Blog!

  1. New comers considering a blog strategy must understand more than the technical aspects of how to write a blog post and what blog platform to use.
  2. New comers considering a blog strategy must understand the cultural and community aspects of blogging. For there in is the power and benefits of blogs.
  3. New comers considering a blog strategy must understand: 4 Ps of Blogging - Point. Passion. Personality. Perseverance 
  4. New Comers considering a blog strategy must understand the Blog Mantra - Honesty. Transparency. Passion. Authenticity

Sidebar: Least anyone misunderstands, this does not pertain to guest bloggers.


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