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Blog Master


Want to be a Blog Master?

Nope, it's not a new SciFi creature from the deep. It's a Full-time Earthlink postion based in Atlanta. Seems like you'll get to do lots of cool stuff. They're looking for a Geek-type person who really understands and participates in the blogosphere.

Tell em you heard it from Diva Marketing and if you get the gig let me know!

Sidebar: Wonder how many other companies will add a blog master position type within the next few months. Is there any doubt that blogs are here to stay?

Thanks to Jeff for the tip!

Blogs: The New Golf Course


Received a request to participated - as a paid sponsor/speaker - in a blog conference offered by Strategic Research Institute.

-Conference title: The New Communication Channels.
-Tagline: How blogs and social software will change the way you do business.
-First 2 sentences of marketing materials: "Online networks and communities are the new meeting grounds. They are considered the new power lunch tables and the new golf courses for business life in the U.S."

Hold the Jack and Scotch. Hold the green pants and golf balls. Sounds like Strategic Research Institute  considers blogs to be  not the new meeting ground but simply the same good old boys network gone virtual. Sounds like Strategic Research Institute  is mixing old media messages with "cool, new" media blogs and social networking tactics. Sounds like Strategic Research Institute  might want to tap into its research division a bit more.


Friday Fun: Divas Just Wanna Have Fun


Blogher_cigarWhat can I say? Divas do have fun and sometimes it's a good thing to be silly!
Moi with 2 cool blog buddies - Susannah Gardner, Buzz Marketing with Blogs and Arieanna Foley, blogaholics at BlogHer.

Cigar complements of Tris Hussey, Qumana Blog.

Life Begins At 80!


Happy Birthday Millie!80_birthday_2

It's a virtual birthday party for the "oldest" but young at-heart Diva Blogger - Millie Garfield.

Girlfriend, pull out those strappy new sandals that you bought at The Manolo and head over to My Mom's Blog for a cosmo and a piece of cake with Millie. If you haven't met Millie yet ... you are in for a treat!

Hugs and Kisses Millie and wishes for a spectacular year!

Think Pink!


When musicals were the silver screen rage, two classic actors, Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire, starred in a film called Funny Face. The plot centered on a dowdy (but smart), young woman (AH) who worked in a bookstore; she was discovered by a dashing (of course) photographer (FA) to be the face in an advertising campaign called Think Pink.

For its time, it was an innovative story of a young woman who gained self-respect, self-esteem and  understanding of who she could be in the world and the power she had to change her life.

Flash into the 21st century. We've come along way bebe! However, the journey continues. Women (and men too) struggle with similar issues in 2005 as they did in 1957. How do we define success? How do we incorporate values in our work lives that reflect a sense of self without loosing self? Where can we find realistic people - men and women - that that might help us discover new ways through the labyrinth?

Think PINK! No really. Think PINK. PINK magazinePink, a new publication hit the magazine racks this summer. The concept is from 2 innovative, smart, Atlanta women - Genevieve Bos, President and Founder, Publisher and Cynthia Good, Founding Editor. Without the support of a large publishing house and on a limited budget a dream is being launched.

PINK is directed to professional women who are exploring how to make all the puzzle pieces fit. Some people think that a pub for women called Pink is well...demeaning to women. From a marketing perspective it's an interesting challenge. Can Pink magazine change the image of pink in the minds of readers so it is not an issue? Or will the challenge of the name PINK magazine create buzz and interest to the extent that it becomes a non issue? And if it does become a non issue does the word pink loose it's punch?

Diva dahling, I don't know about you, but sometimes it takes more than a jam with the heel of your Jimmy Choo to make it work..whatever "it" is to you.  Sometimes it takes coloring outside the lines and just filling in the spaces. That's okay. My puzzle doesn't have to be the same as yours as long as it works for moi. And I'm out of the color closet...I love pink!

Okay, Genevieve and Cynthia let's think PINK!

Everything on the great horizon,
Everything you can think -
and that includes the kitchen sink:
Think pink!
Funny Face

Follow The Trail To A Podcast


Here's another one for the blog networking books..posts...whatever.

Nicole Simon, Cruel to be Kind, a German podcaster and blogger, .... who I met when I did a podcast with Mick and Cameron, G'day World,  Aussie podcasters and bloggers, and she thought my response to their thinking I was a dude not a sheila was funny .... who found me when they were monitoring the blogosphere and I posted about their podcast with Robert Scoble who I met in Seattle when he spoke at the AMA workshop on blogs...introduced me to Chris Ritke, 49Media, who I met in person at BlogHer in Santa Clara California, who lives in a little town in CA San Geronimo (sounds like it should be a vineyard), because Elisa Cambert, Workers Bee Blog, who I met blogging because she had been following the GourmetStation character blog Delicious Destinations, asked me to be part of a panel discussion at BlogHer ... (deep breath) well...all that to say .......... thanks for the podcast on 49Media Chris! By the way, 49Media is a pretty cool blog that includes blogs and podcasts.

Sidebar: Networks are powerful marketing tools. Are you making the best use of yours?

<blush> misspelled Elisa's name should have been Elisa Camahort. Sorry Elisa!

Catch Up On the Search Engine Conference


Missed the Search Engine Strategies Conference last week in Santa Clara? Stephan Spencer's Scatterings: Web Marketing Blog has some great recaps including links to a few PPT presentations.

New Look For Diva Marketing


Welcome to a virtual launch party for Diva Marketing (blog)! Champange_1

After trying on many different styles Diva Marketing finally is ready to unveil the new look! There are still a few backend threads to be snipped but I was so excited that I wanted to wear it right away. Thank you, thank you  Peter Flaschner of the Blog Studio.

To bring you up to date, several weeks ago I met Peter Flaschner, one of the blogosphere's most creative designers, when we were both guest blogging at Pro Blogger. Another example that blog networking works.

Peter liked my approach to strategy but he questioned if the graphic elements of Diva Marketing Blog were doing more to harm rather than support my branding efforts.  He kindly offered to re skin (ouch!) the blog. Thus began the start of a beautiful friendship.... (and I fear far more than Peter bargained for).

We agreed to blog the process in pure blogger form - with honesty and transparency - which meant allowing y'all to see all comps, the rationale of our strategy and with comments opened. Very brave of Peter! Take a look at the evolution of the comps on Peter's post at the Blog Studio.

We listened and learned. In doing so I learned lessons about branding and customer perceptions that went far beyond the redesign. I learned that I had created a Blog Brand. I learned that people cared about the image of Diva Marketing ... some very passionately. I learned that although a brand might be controlled by the customer ... shame on you if you don't provide cues to help guide that perception. (Gulp)

So now Diva Marketing has a new do. Peter and I feel it meets the objects we set: elegant, sassy, sophisticated keeping the fun but with an eye to capturing more business opportunities. And like any Diva with a new do I'm excited to show it off to you!

Your feedback was invaluable. Peter and I both thank you for your generosity in sharing your insights and expressing your creative ideas. This is as much your blog design as it is Peter's and mine.

Biz Blog Profile Series: Real People Real Road Trips - PA Tourism Office


Biz Blog Profile is a behind the scene look at how corporations, non profits and higher education institutions are using blogs to support their marketing goals.

Hipsters, Hogs, Vultures, Thrill Seekers and History Buffs. Nope, it's not an MTV reality show ... but you're close. It's real tourists blogging their travels around the great state of Pennsylvania.  The Pennsylania Tourism Office launched a series of customer-written blogs this summer -  Real People Real Road Trips. Videos were included and comments opened. Innovative use of the medium to provide a 3-dimensional experience of the product. Thanks to David Gong,  Ripple Effects Interactive, for his help with this case.

Biz Blog Profile
: Real People Real Road Trips


About the Pennsylviania Tourism Office

The Pennsylviania Tourism Office is dedicated to fulfilling the needs and aspirations of travelers by presenting them with the information and resources they need to plan and enjoy the activities, attractions and destinations that are uniquely Pennsylviania.

Why the Pennsylviania Tourism Office is Blogging

Blogging has become one of the most popular forms of online communications, because it's often transparent and authentic. Blogs provide the ideal outlet to have a direct and unfiltered conversation with an audience. The PA Tourism Office was interested in using user-generated comments on its site, allowing visitors - actual tourists - to share their views and tell their stories in voices that are natural and authentic.

The goal was to allow users to contribute content not just consume it. Instead of professional marketing copy, PA wanted to use its website to open an exchange of travel ideas so that consumers could share experiences, offer advice, and recommend trips to other people/tourists/visitors.

The roadtrippers - who are real people not spokes models - have passions that match the interests of PA's targeted audiences:
-outdoor adventure
-history and heritage
-culture and entertainment
-amusement parks

An additional goal is to position Pennsylvania as a pioneer in the interactive medium.

How Blogs Fit into the Pennsylvania Tourims Office's Marketing Strategies

The PA Tourism Office understood storytelling is one of the most effective ways to showcase PA's unique and athentic attractions. Blogging was a natural extension of a marketing strategy that focused on storytelling.

The ultimate objective of the blog was to attract tourists to the state. By giving potential tourists stories of real people (told by real people) with interests similar to their own, and their adventures in PA, the state believeed many will be motivated to visit and experience what PA has to offer.

In addition, the roadtripper bloggers extended the Ready-Get-Go brand promise - fun, spontaneity, an adventure around every corner, the journey is as fun as the destination - to a promotion that allowed real people to experience these first hand and allow others to relive them.

Selling-in To Management

The main challenge for Pennsylvania Tourism Office's agency, Ripple Effects Interactive, was making PA Tourism Office comfortable with the freedom variables involved in hosting bloggers. Once PA Tourism was satisfied that a minimum level of direction and control would be maintained over the campaign, it was very much behind the project.

How The Pennsylvania Toursim Office is Marketing  Real People Real Road Trips

The marketing strategy was rich and diversifed including both online and offline tactics. Two 15-second Real People commercials ran on cable in PA and contiguous states. Rich media Roadtrip blogger online video banners were included on sites such as accuweather.com, WashPost.com and NYTimes.com. Keywords were purchased on search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. Press releases went out on the wire and to selected publications. There was an on-going media relations effect to reach out to strategic bloggers to build momentum in the blogosphere.

Lessons Learned

The selection of future roadtrippers will likely be more open to the general public. For the sake of the speed to launch, the casting call for this round of roadtrippers was limited to acquantancs and word-of-mouth from the various promotional agencies involved.

Future Directions

Without a doubt, the Pennsylvania Tourism Office will continue to explore the strategic avenues possible with having visitors submit their own stories to the site, whether it is future bloggers or some other form of user-generated content.

Sidebar: The Pennsylvania Tourism Office's next innovative project is podcast tours. Cool!

Meet Me At The Movies


This it's too funny to save for a Friday Fun post. ConvergeSouth: The Movie is a hoot and a holler (well it does take place in South!). At_the_moviesIt's a spoof on what would happen if the greats of cinema were to produce films with blogs. Francis Ford Coppola - The Blogfather about Mister Ed Cone, pioneer and gentleman blogger; George Lucas - Blog Wars to get more of the anger out. I like this one - John Hughes - Blog Alone about a blogger's life prior to discovering the blogosphere. And more!
Sidebar: Can there be life without the blogosphere?

"Celebrities and blogbrites (I like that one..blogbrites!) were everywhere. You would trip over them as you walked." And guess who was among the cream of the blogosphere in attendance? Diva Marketing! Ultra cool.

So Girlfriend, grab an extra large bowl of popcorn, with extra butter of course, and meet me at the movies!

Heard it from: Tris at Qumana