Literary Tapas

08/23/2005, the godfather of ecommerce, has an interesting new offering up its virtual sleeve. Amazon Shorts. For 49 pennies you can sample an original, short story from popular writers like Danielle Steel, Robin Cook and Terry Brooks. Strategy is that little bites will lead to readers purchasing full length books. Cost to is low since the short books are all eBooks.

Let's spin this one ... can you offer your prospects a few tapas to sample at a low fee or perhaps even free? Be sure to establish some criteria that includes time, costs and resources. Here are a few tapa ideas to get you started.
- White papers
- Brief consulting service
- Mini workshop or presentation
- Analysis of ??? you fill in the blank

Article in the WSJ Online (subscription required)

Sidebar: wonder if it was simply an oversight that the article included links to's competitors Barnes & Nobe and Time Warner but nary a link for the focus of the article -


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