Amen! To Podcasts


Missed church or shul this week? If you're a member of the National Community Church in Alexandria, VA you can pick up Rev. Batterson's sermon in a godcast and download it right into your little ol iPod. Not a surprise that the church has a blog too.

Article in the New York Times - free registration

How can podcasts help extend your message and create added value for your customers? According to, Al Ries, first to market wins. Read his article The Importance of Being First - It is better to be first than it is to be better. I'll bet you a cosmo (oh, sorry Rev!) that you'll be first in your space to podcast...but not if you wait too long.

Sidebar: The article is not deep linked so just scroll down the page.


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There is a way do Podcasting nonstop forever with perpetual battery…

Posted by: Stefan Engeseth on Oct 8, 2005 6:06:32 AM

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