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Tony Williams, the esteemed mayor of Washington DC, launched a blog last week - appropriately called -  Mayor's Blog. He started off his shiny new blog with a couple of intro paragraphs and then told his constituents to "stay tuned." Expectations were set that the new blog would connect the Mayor with the citizens of DC.

The people loved the idea of a forum with direct access to the top guy.  The citizens of DC chatted, welcomed Mayor Williams to the blogosphere, expressed their concerns and even offered the Mayor blog advice: need an RSS feed, filtering comments is not transparent, read other DC blogs and don't forget to remind people it's really you.

And then they waited. And waited. And waited. The people were getting annoyed. Where was their leader? Where was the connection?  "When are you going to say something interesting, helpful, provocative or something? So far it's a snooze with a long time between snores."

Mayor Williams came back a week later with a bit of  Star Wars humor.Yoda Yoda would say, "a weekly paragraph will not an exciting blog make." Then he really got serious and set expectations for himself....

Generally speaking, I will try to be cogent and consistent. By this I mean: first, providing you observations you can't find elsewhere in over 100,000 pages of the website; and second, stating the same, take your pick - distinctive or disgusting comments regardless of the audience and the circumstances.You should know my position on an issue, whether you agree with it or not. Blase press releases will not a ...YODA!

And expectations for the readers ... the blog is not a service line but righteous indignation or comforting, supportive comments are welcomed.

A lesson for all bloggers - "a weekly paragraph will not an exciting blog make."

Ps. Mayor Williams, not that we're counting days or anything but your last post was Monday, 8/22. 

PPS. Government bureaucrats who absolutely get it are the folks from  Eden Prairie, MN. Well worth a  vist to my blog buddy Scott Neal, city manager; George Esbensen, fire chief and Dan Carlson, police chief.

Sooo ... as Yoda might say, go unto the blogosphere and prosper. Or something like that.

Article in the Washington Post (free subscription required).


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For a great blog by an elected official, you've got to check out Sam Adams. He's a city commissioner for Portland, OR and he definitely "gets it".

Posted by: Jonathan Maus on Aug 26, 2005 12:32:53 PM

Interesting to see that Mayor Williams has not taken his own suggestion to heart that "a weekly paragraph will not an exciting blog make.” The last post he made was Monday 8/22 it is now Sunday 8/28. Wonder if his constituents consider that a broken promise and wonder if that might result in a bit of a credibility loss. Of course his remark "I’ll be back later with more" didn't specify when, so I guess there's still political wiggle room.

Posted by: Toby on Aug 28, 2005 11:29:49 AM

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