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The Online Publishers Association (OPA) posted its latest research project The User Engagement Study  - 22 experiences that drive website usage (link to the slide presentation). First it's a must read for anyone who has any thing to do with internet marketing and second the report is well written and even provides ways to use the data. Here are the top ten experiences that drive website usage.

: Bloggers, much of the findings are applicable for blogs so take note! The following is my analysis (1) = community related experiences, (2) = knowledge related experiences, (3) = personalization/1:1 conversation, (4) = fun

1. Entertains and absorbs me (2, 4)
2. Looks out for people like me (1)
3. Regular part of my day
4. My personal time out (3)

5. A credible safe place
Sidebar: Does your blog have an about me page?
6. Connects me with others (1)
7. Touches me and expands me views (2)
8. Makes me smarter (2)

9. Turned on by ads (2,4)
10. Easy to use
11. Helps and improves me (2)
12. Is worth saving and sharing (1)

13. Tailored for me (3)
14. Guides me to other media (2)
15. Makes me feel I belong (1)
16. A way to fill my time

17. Gives me something to talk about (2)
18. My guilty pleasure (4)
19. Tries to persuade me
20. Too much
21. Worries me
20. Annoyed by ads


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