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More New Designs


Continuing the design process for Diva Marketing's new look...Peter has two more comps. In true blogopshere fashion, we've listened to your feedback, done more "brand" analysis and well...take a look.

Relaunching The Brand "You"


Friday Fun = date night.Dating It's not only divas who are challenged but divos as well to find someone special to "have a decent conversation with over dinner."  The game has changed. Great scene from Sleepless in Seattle tells the story well.

Sam: What is "tiramisu?"
Jay: You'll find out.
Sam: Well, what is it?
Jay: You'll see.
Sam: Some woman is going to want me to do it to her and I'm not going to know what it is!

What do you do if you've been out of the game for awhile ... and your life just doesn't seem to be turning into a romantic movie

Diva's and divo got to thinking. Perhaps it's a little like relaunching a brand. Read Tom Peter's article The Brand Called You.

Next step ... a marketing plan with some great promotion. How about a blog?  If blogs can help  develop stronger relationships with clients and stakeholders...well, what better way to get to know someone before that yuk, uncomfortable first date? Blogs can speed up the relationship building process.

Better than even the "old fashioned" Google search. Oh come on! Don't tell me you've never Googled a new date.

This type of blogging is not for the the faint of heart. To work well I would image you would have to keep to the Blog Mantra: Honesty. Transparency. Passion. Authenticity.

Divo Tris, the sensitive new age kinda guy, is trying it out. He's created a blog to explore being single again. This time as a single dad. Even if you're not looking for a good time (ouch did I really say that?) Tris Hussey's Blog is a great read.

But girlfriend, it sure sounds like a lot of work to me...

MSN & Trackback Spam


Girfriend, you know and I know that Diva Marketing is quite divine, but it appears that MSN thinks so too. So much so that they've trackback spammed this wee blog twice today. I mean come on we're not BusinessWeek Online or certainly not the Mister Scoble.

What goes MSN ... are you "testing trackback spam" because it's a slow news day? Or did Diva Marketing just get lucky?

Dear Toby:
A new TrackBack has been submitted to your weblog "Diva Marketing (Blog)," on the post "TiVO tests pop-up-style ads."

Source: Naries Lieselotte
From Post: http:msn.com
Title: Search Engine


TiVo tests pop-up-styl...

Sidebar: Tris confirmed it was spam...so it must be true.
Sidebar: Zapped the spam ... kept the active link - above -as given by Typepad.

Gourmet Summer Fun Contest


Fourth of July BBQs have come and gone. Summer's about midway through. How many hamburgers, hot dogs and, if you're lucky, s'mores, have you eaten? Let's get creative ya ya ya! Gonna have a party!

What's your idea of a cool summer dinner party? Is it a Hawaiian luau complete with hunky surfers? Or a clam bake on the ocean? Or perhaps a romantic picnic in the park?Summerlady Delicious Destinations, has a pretty neat contest running. Seems TA is looking for the most outrageously fun summer dinner idea.

Dahling, the prize is scrumptious - a 3-course dinner for two for three months in a row! Delivery is only within the continental US ... too bad Tris!

So how creative can a diva or divo be when it comes to winning gourmet dinners for a quarter? If you win be sure to let me know ;-)

  Contest deadline is July 17th. Sorry I forgot to mention it last week.

Emotional Impact of Blogs


As the blog design turns... If you've been following this story you know that Peter Flaschner, The Blog Studio, is creating a new look & feel for Diva Marketing. He is also going bravely into that good night of transparency of the blogopshere and posting the comps - 3 thus far.

We asked for feedback and you didn't hold back. The depth of thought behind your suggestions has been awesome (and very helpful). Several comments on Peter's blog went into great detail about design elements while the marketers talked brand concept. If you haven't checked the comments, here are some snippets for your reading pleasure -

I picture you in a cool outfit, sipping a cosmopolitan or martini, very Carrie Bradshaw. Smoking a Cuban cigar. Tris

I like the second one better with its "palette of sophisticated colors." Jill

To me Diva Marketing is ALL bloggers, and ALL women bloggers ... while being very urban chic, almost Manhattan (accptable so even for those fans who are decidedly NOT those things - like me). Rick

I miss seeing the blogroll which gives a sense of community. And personal opinion, I think the quotes have too much real estate. Susan

The design does not say "Diva" to me . Too much corporate in a fashion designer sort of way..and the shoe element feels thrown in, not part of it. Bruce

From Peter: I've conducted my share of private and public design critiques over the years. This one is a real stand  out. Why? Because of your various investments in the Diva Marketing brand. Which led Peter to ask an interesting question - Who Owns A Brand?

From Toby: It's heat warming and at the same time fascinating to see the passion behind many of the comments and off list emails that Peter and I both received. You really care about this new design. WoW!

A few marketing questions to ponder: I wonder if Diva Marketing were a "website" instead of a "blog" would the emotion still be there? If we were to conduct a "real" Martiniwebfocus group would the "investment" carry over? Big questions (Tughnee def worth 3 olives!) - How much does the blogosphere and the relationships we built play into responses? Are readers of blogs more committed to a brand than those off-blog?

A chocolate martini toast to all who have left comments and sent emails!



Vote for The "Ping Serice" Name


Fred, the guy with the free ping thing, loved your name ideas so much that he is having quite a difficult time choosing one for his new software. 

Fred needs your help again. This time  he's created a poll.  In true blogophere fashion, he promises to abide by the majority vote. Could be interesting.....

Michel-Edouard Leclerc Talks Blogs


Click quickly, do not collect $500 when you pass go, to read the interview that Shel Israel has up on Naked Conversations with Michel-Edouard Leclerc. M. Leclerc is the president of the Association of des Centres Distributerus E. Leclerc, a co-op association of about 600 retailers throughout Europe.

He addresses concerns of many companies including commitment of writing a blog, transparency, what's in it for me and  comments. M. Leclerc is a divo that certainly gets blogging and is a role model for CEO/leadership blogs. He also talks/writes in wonderful sound bite quotes. Here are a few of my favorites.

Blogging is thinking in front of others.

Information has become merchandise, a consumer good. You take it or not.

At the same time, they can also understand that behind my function and my position there is a man who also has passions, training, a culture that is not limited just to my job.

If you don't take care, a blog can not only be a tool of influence (which is good) but also a tool of manipulation.

Sidebar: Shel, perhaps Naked Conversations will help relationships between the U.S. and France?

Diva Marketing New Look - Design Creation Continues


More fun for the Diva! Peter, The Blog Studio, is designing a more sophisticated look for Diva Marketing Blog but with some sass! He's posted the visual process thus far. Keep in mind it's still a work in progress but would love to get your take. Does it fit with your image of Diva Marketing Blog?

An added benefit to blogging the process is the strategy and visual history of the process is caputured and held in archives. One more reason to consider blogs for development purposes - either internal or external.

Friday Fun: Spinning Tunes With Joe


JazzHot summer night and the livin' is easy ... a picnic supper, a bottle of wine and listening to a jazz trio in park. Can't make it to the park? Don't have a favorite jazz club in your town?

Recently found out that my AiMA pal Joe has his very own internet radio show on - get this - Hounddog Radio.com.  Cabaret Show With Joe! Joe spins jazz, funk, r&b, blues and whatever fits the mood.

Download a few programs to you MP3 player and you're good to go. Of course, make sure that your date is also tuned in ;-)

Sidebar: Creativity in a business environment should be nurtured. Thanks to Diva Kate for the link to the iMedia article -  How Do You Define Creativity

Read About the History of Jazz
Jazz Festivals  Jazz podcasts

Defining Marketing Blogs


Eff_blogger_rightsI searched Google, Feedster (Technorati was too "busy" to help) to locate a definition of a marketing/business blog. Here's what I found:

- A blog is a form of web communication allowing companies of all sizes to reach new audiences and build a loyal web following. About
-The kind (results) you can expect from blogs is mainly about stronger relations with target groups important to you. Visionpace

While both capture some elements, I wanted something more comprehensive. Here's my first draft which quite doesn't make it either.  My thoughts were that customer feedback, sales, research all fall under communications.
-A marketing blog leverages a blogging platform for the purpose of enhancing customer communication. Through conversational language, frequent postings and reader interaction an organization develops trust that deepens relationships encouraging honest feedback, new business opportunities and emotional branding.

How do you define marketing blogs?

Love the graphic! Complements of EFF