Post Titles Really Do Count


Reviewing Diva Marketing Blog's stats tonight I noticed a link from Google that led to a post I had written about Bob Lutz, Chairman of GM, who by the way, has helped set the bar for c-level blogging. My post was a continuation of the conversation from  Debbie Weil's informative interview with Gary Gray, GM's VP Communication for North America, about Bob Lutz.

The key word search was - bob lutz blog. Diva Marketing's page rank - #2. The GM blog -  #1. Naked Conversations came in #3 ... and Shel posted an entire interview with Mister Lutz.

Go figure! The search people would be able to tell you why. All I know is Post Titles Really Do Count. Of course by tomorrow the rankings might have changed...

P.s. I hate Typepad's new format for archive pages. Why do they insist we scoll down to read the post?



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Not sure I know what you mean by having to scroll down to read a post... is there some display problem you're having with your pages?

Posted by: Anil Dash on Jul 19, 2005 2:22:54 AM

Why Do Blog Post Titles Count?

When you read someone's blog, even my marketing blog , it looks like one long page to you the reader.

But, and this is the important distinction, Google and other search engines see each blog entry as an individual page. The blog title then functions in a similar fashion to a web page title.


Charlie Cook
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Posted by: Charlie Cook, Small Business Marketing Expert on Jul 25, 2005 8:30:11 AM

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