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Dahling, don't know about you but every once in awhile, when I go hunting in my closet, I come across something pushed waaay far back that I once loved but is now forgotten. Usually it's something that gets a few complements...which IBlack_dress_classic suppose is the reason it has not been given to Goodwill. Sometimes it's a classic that just doesn't go out of style.

Recently digitalabs posted kind words about an article, Internet Marketing Overview, I wrote waaay back in 2001. Seems it's become a sort of classic.

The two best overviews on internet marketing everybody can find around are - not surprisingly - free.

The first one is an article by Toby Bloomberg dated 2001. It is still interesting despite it's age ...

By the way, the second is a study by Morgan Stanley *which is referenced in the article. Hmm...not bad company to be in!

Among other information, Internet Marketing Overview includes 52 ways to increase traffic to your website.  Anyone who's been around the internet marketing block a time or 2 probably knows most, if not all, but it's a pretty good review.  And like that classic , little back dress ... it's nice to know that it's in back of  your closet ...just in case the need arises.

Sidebar: What articles or white papers can be dusted off and perhaps with a slight modification reintroduced (or introduced) to new clients and prospects?

Update: Which of your blog posts get the most mentions/links/comments? Treat those as classics and add them to your navigation bar as "Classic" or "Hot" Posts.


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