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As the blog design turns... If you've been following this story you know that Peter Flaschner, The Blog Studio, is creating a new look & feel for Diva Marketing. He is also going bravely into that good night of transparency of the blogopshere and posting the comps - 3 thus far.

We asked for feedback and you didn't hold back. The depth of thought behind your suggestions has been awesome (and very helpful). Several comments on Peter's blog went into great detail about design elements while the marketers talked brand concept. If you haven't checked the comments, here are some snippets for your reading pleasure -

I picture you in a cool outfit, sipping a cosmopolitan or martini, very Carrie Bradshaw. Smoking a Cuban cigar. Tris

I like the second one better with its "palette of sophisticated colors." Jill

To me Diva Marketing is ALL bloggers, and ALL women bloggers ... while being very urban chic, almost Manhattan (accptable so even for those fans who are decidedly NOT those things - like me). Rick

I miss seeing the blogroll which gives a sense of community. And personal opinion, I think the quotes have too much real estate. Susan

The design does not say "Diva" to me . Too much corporate in a fashion designer sort of way..and the shoe element feels thrown in, not part of it. Bruce

From Peter: I've conducted my share of private and public design critiques over the years. This one is a real stand  out. Why? Because of your various investments in the Diva Marketing brand. Which led Peter to ask an interesting question - Who Owns A Brand?

From Toby: It's heat warming and at the same time fascinating to see the passion behind many of the comments and off list emails that Peter and I both received. You really care about this new design. WoW!

A few marketing questions to ponder: I wonder if Diva Marketing were a "website" instead of a "blog" would the emotion still be there? If we were to conduct a "real" Martiniwebfocus group would the "investment" carry over? Big questions (Tughnee def worth 3 olives!) - How much does the blogosphere and the relationships we built play into responses? Are readers of blogs more committed to a brand than those off-blog?

A chocolate martini toast to all who have left comments and sent emails!




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First, I want to thank the two of you again for sharing. There are lessons to be learned here for all of us!

And, great questions to ponder indeed. On my personal blog, I change the design every few months and I always get a TON of comments when I reveal the new look - ranging from "Awesome!" to "Awww, I liked the old one, bring it back!" lol

As far as blog versus traditional website, I think you're on to something ... having sat in on numerous focus groups and usability studies in a past life -- I think even casual users care about design: Can they find information quickly? Is it organized in a way that doesn't frustrate the hell out of them? Do the graphical elements get in the way?

But, I wonder, if they had to visit the site regularly as we do with blogs -- would they have even stronger opinions about the design? My guess is ... yes.

Hmmm. Will have to give that a think over my chocolate martini, cheers!

Posted by: Taughnee on Jul 12, 2005 1:36:55 PM

Here's a thought. Use two or three different skins and let the user choose the one that most appeals to them when they visit the site.

Personally, I like the 40s design and the latest one referenced in this article: http://www.theblogstudio.com/blogarticle/a-few-tweaks-to-the-diva-design

One thought regarding that particular skin, since the other two main emphasized sections both have a "headline" attached to them, for the sake of uniformity why not add a headline to the quote component saying something like "Featured Quote."

My two cents. :-)

Posted by: Paul Chaney on Jul 16, 2005 2:02:06 PM

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