Blogger Takes A Holiday


What do you do when you to take a holiday but don't want your blog to become musty and dusty? Ask your closet friends to drop by and post a few thoughts. If you're like Darren Rowse, of the highly successful ProBlogger, your pals are some of the divas and divos of the marketing/business corner of the blogosphere. I was honored and delighted to be included.

The diva's contribution to the party was - Blogs Must Earn Their Keep. The post includes a suggested list of blog metrics in four categories:
-Blog Specific

Pay a visit and even tho Darren's not home, I'm sure he won't mind if you look around. The guests have been cleaning up the party leftovers as we go ... special thanks to Wayne!


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Toby, it's been a lot of fun keeping up with ProBlogger during Darren's abscence. I've found it really interesting to read so many different points of view, and I think I've been turned on to some great bloggers I may never have found you : D

Only problem I've seen is a couple of posts that just seemed totally self-serving...luckily there have only been a few of those!

Posted by: Cary on Jun 20, 2005 1:44:49 PM

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