Story Behind Bob Lutz's Blog


Curious about how and why  Bob Lutz, Chaiman of GM started blogging? Debbie Weil's post How GM's Fastlane blog was born is a must read.

Couple of interesting tidbits...
-Mister Lutz writes all of his own posts but it's the tech team that adds them to the blog.
-Comments are reviewed before posting by Gary Grates, VP Communications and his team.
Sidebar: Debbie didn't say if comments were "filtered"


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I am doing lots of blogging for a class, but if I could have someone else drop my comments into the blog for me, I would never get lost (or frustrated) with the technological stuff that is not my forte. I like the idea of a staff taking my ideas and getting them out to the public.
I applaud Bog Lutz for taking the time to answer consumers questions and comments. It makes one feel that as a smaller potato, I can still get my message to the top!

Posted by: Sheila on Jun 12, 2005 12:11:12 PM

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