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TDavid, one of really, really smart divo geeks of the blogosphere has developed a tool for comparing different blogger stats. He's calling it Blogcompare. Its's cool. Check it out.

By the way, if any smart techie knows why my feeds are all messed out - no formating - would you please let me know how to fix it?

RSS Beyond Blogs


Is RSS the next killer appXmlrsslogo? Well my pals at Buzzhop and Pheedo are 2 firms that betting that's the case.

If you're interested in how companies are using RSS in strategies other than blogs click over to Charlene Li's Blog. She's requested examples and there are some good ones posted in comments.

Here are a few -

- US Cycling (news)
- IBM Press Room (updates)
- Tech Recipes (updates, information)
- The Gallup Organization (updates, information)
- Deals on the Web (stuff)
- Amazon deals (stuff)
- Frontline (PBS - TV programming and news)
- Luftgrop (travel)
- Continental (travel)
- Pheedz (travel)
- Cocoran (real estate)
- Purina (information and cute things)
- IBM Investor Page (updates)
- Things you can do with RSS feeds  - Heard it from: DigitalGrit
- FindSavings (coupons)
- the Jane Goodal Institute (news)

Watch for more newsletters being delivered by RSS.  But just to let you know that I'm not drinking too much of the KoolAid - here are some of the challenges to keep in mind. The Diva stance? It's a consumer-centric world. Why wouldn't you do both and give your clients a choice? Talk to Bill or JR.

Disclosure: This is not an affiliate program for either Bill or JR. Neither has given me any $, altho in keeping with transparency mantra of the blogosphere there is a distinct possibility of a drink or two!

Sidebar: Purina  has one of the clearest explanations of RSS that I've come across: What's RSS?/How can I use RSS?/How to sign up for (Purina) RSS feeds/Terms for Purina RSS feeds
Sidebar: As with other disclaimers, look for more "Terms of Agreement" on blogs as blogs continue to make their way into corporate strategies. Tis the nature of the beast.


Blog Content Strategy


Interesting analysis of 3 blog pundits' blog content strategies -  Robert Scoble, Dave Winer and Steve Rubel -  by AdamNation. According to Adam Weinroth these A-list bloggers provide very little original "thought" content, rather they offer links to other blogs often including summary information. "Acting more like radio DJ's (playing attractive mixes of someone else's original content), rather like artists." (Adam's quote)

And like good DJs, these popular bloggers' weave their personalities and opinions into many of their posts.  I like to think Robert, Dave and Steve provide a sort of clipping service or review of what they consider the best of. Like reading a  movie review - sometimes you'll agree with them and sometimes you won't.
Sidebar: I don't think that's a bad or negative positioning.

The blogosphere has room for many different types of format. Sometimes you want to read short and snappy and sometimes you want to read something that relates to your vertical space or a specific marketing topic. And sometimes you might even want to read something fun and edgy.

Blog Content Categories - complements of AdamNation

1. Summary and/or link to another story, blog post or item of interest
2. Self promotion/personal
3. Company plug
4. Issue analysis or commentary
5. Original reporting or scoop
6. Product info/how to do that

Let's take our cue from these categories and to do an analysis of our own blogs. To help kick it off your analysis here are a few questions.

Diva Questions
- What is the goal of your blog? Is it to be positioned as a thought leader? Is it to provide value added content? Is it to position you as a person in-the-know? Is it for lead generation?
- How does your content blog support your goal/s?
- If yours is a thought leader blog do you skew heavy on issues and trends?
- Are you providing enough value added links?
- How can you kindly increase the promotional aspect of your blog?

Heard it from: Scobelizer

Gourmet Station Blog - Real-live Guest Blogger (5)


Delicious Destinations, the GourmetStation character blog that rattled the blogosphere by daring to use the company's icon, T Alexander, as the voice of the blog, has introduced a guest blogger.

Susan Anderson, a wine consultant,Vino_bottle is a real-live person. Honest I know. Vino Diva Susan has often helped me find wonderful wines on a limited budget. Her first post is wine pairings for a Tuscon meal.

It's exciting to work with innovative, creative people who are not afraid to take risks. Donna Lynes-Milller, president and CEO of GourmetStation, may have made blog history once again.

Sidebar: If you're interested in the Delicious Destinations backstory, the strategy was chronicled and posted on Diva Marketing Blog back in Nov. 2004.

Hmm...wonder what the blog pundits will have to say about integrating a character with a real-live person.

Blog Award Winners


MarketingSherpa announced the winners of its 2005 Reader's Choice Blog Awards. Alas, Diva Marketing was not in the winner's circle. Many thanks to all who casted a vote for this dark horse. It was a thrilled to be nominated. Congrats! the winners and hope they enjoy their java in their new coffee mug.

Best individual's blog on the general topic of marketing and advertising
Winner: Seth Godin's Blog
Honorable Mention: Adrants

Best group weblog on the general topic of marketing and advertising

Winner: MarketingVOX
Honorable Mention (Tie):
Marketing Genius   
Church of the Customer

Best PR-topic blog
Winner: Media Guerrilla
Honorable Mention: Strategic Public Relations

Best B-to-B marketing-topic blog
Winner: Guerrilla Consulting
Honorable Mention: B-to-B Lead Generation Blog

Best blog on small business marketing
Winner: Duct Tape Marketing
Honorable Mention: Small Business Trends

Best blog on online marketing

Winner: Chris Baggott's Best Practices in Email
Honorable Mention: Charlotte Li's Blog

Blogs on Search Marketing
Winner: Search Engine Roundtable
Honorable Mention: Brad Fallon

Best Blog on Niche Marketing
Winners (tie):
Ypulse - Media for the Next Generation
WonderBranding - Marketing to Women
Honorable Mention:
Lipsticking- Smart marketing to women online

Best non-English-Language Blog
Winner: MarketingFacts (completely in Dutch)
Honorable mention: Media Culpa (in Swedish with some English)

Top readers' choice write-in vote
Winner: Easy Bake Weblogs
Honorable Mention: Collateral Damage (CMO Magazine)

Corporate Blogging Survey - Preliminary Results


Backbone Media has released preliminary results - 2 questions - from its Corporate Blogging Study. Here's one -

Question: We want to understand the major priorities in starting a corporate blog.  Before launching your corporate blog, what role did the following considerations play in your company's decision to start its corporate blog?

Response by order of highest to lowest priority
1. Another way to publish content and ideas
2. Build a community
3. Thought leadership
4. A way to get information quickly to customers
5. A way to get feedback from my customers
6. Increasing sales
7. RSS syndication
8. Boost search engine positions
9. Increase link popularity
10. Gather feedback on a product or service
11. Customer service
12. Respond to negative comments
13. A way to get interview requests from journalists
14. I was curious about blogging and wanted to try it
15. Customer registrations
16. Crisis management 

Keep in mind that data is still being collect so these results could change, but based on these early findings do you find anything surprising? Backbone Media has also provided a link post to some of the participating companies.

The study is still underway. If you're a corporate blogger I strongly encourage you to invest a few minutes to complete this very important reseach. Thanks to John Cass and his team for undertaking this project.   

For Susan & Mummy


Candle_2Wonder what they would have thought of Diva Marketing and the blogosphere.

Cheers To A Diva Blogger


One of the true divas of the blogopshere, Kirsten Osolind, re:invention blog, is closing her blogging door. Kirsten was one of the first women I met blogging. She graciously extended her friendship. I'll always Shoe_stuart_weitzman_wicked_nm_335remember the thirll of seeing Diva Marketing linked from re:invention.

Kirsten, hope your new adventure includeds lots of wonderful shoes, I know it will be in done with a dash of your special style. And perhaps down the road a reinvention of re:invention might emerge?

Friday Fun: Traveling Vicariously


Four friends just came back from holidays in Tuscany and one from cruising the Greek Isles. Here I sit in Hot'lanta with lust in my heart to pack it up 'n travel. Alas! (don't you love that old fashioned word?  So dramatic...alas!) with projects on the books and the wonder niece Jessica coming to visit next month my far away travels will have to wait.

Thanks to Diva of the Road - Carla King, author of the Motorcycle Misadventures travelogues, I've found a way to Travel_stamps_albaniatravel vicariously. Carla is circumnavigating the Adriatic Sea coastline. In modern day geography that includes Italy, Croatia, Albania and small strips of beach owned by Serbia-Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia. All on a Moto Guzzi Breva 750 ... diva dahlings that's an ultra cool motorcycle...and as a solo woman traveler (meeting up with friends along the way).

Catch the Diva of the Road's adventures here and here.  Carla almost gets picked up by a Russian author, shares photos of the countrysides and tells us what it's like to ride on the Autostrada. This promises to be an amazing virtual journey!

Sidebar: To put a marketing spin on this note how Carla weaves a content rich website with a blog. Suggestion - link from the website nav bar to the blog would be nice.

WACAI's World Congress


Calling All Internet Marketers. The Women's eCommerce Association International is hosting their annual world congress on the beautiful islands of Azores. Connecting, Inspiring and Thriving  Beyond 2005 offers a 2.5 day opportunity to exchange ideas, business leads and showcase new products, services and solutions.

Sounds like a great learning experience and in a beautiful setting. September 19-21.
Registation and More information.